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  1. 16 hours ago, Clutch said:

    I was curious about the Cambria Suites. Has anyone stayed there in the past who can provide their feedback?

    I would avoid it, its known for being a skethy hotel overall, in the past few years there have been reports of break ins and human trafficking there.



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  2. 3 hours ago, Brainchild said:

    The Ugly:

    • Otakon should have not gotten rid of their Covid vax/mask mandate.  I don't care if the government doesn't require them to do so anymore, it's simply not safe to gather 40k+ people in the same space and not do so, especially since the system they had set up for it last year worked very well.  I and many of my friends continued to mask up within the convention center, but we were definitely part of a minority of people who did.  Sadly, I already have one friend who tested positive for Covid.  It is NOT too late for Otakon to reverse this change for next year.

    On an Otakon FB group I'm already seeing people reporting positive covid results. I did come wearing a mask, while I get they can't require masks forever I agree it was a mistake to drop vax requirements.

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  3. The Good:

    Barely any lines getting in to the con! I honestly thought we had less attendance this year due to how less clogged it felt. 

    Spanish voice actors - having grown up in Central America and watching spanish dubs, this was very nostalgic for me!

    T shirt cannon!

    The Bad:

    Panels felt...lacking in content this year. I can't remember the last time I went so long between panels that interested me. 

    Some popular panels being crammed into smaller rooms.

    Rumors of pickpockets in the dealer's room/artist alley?

    The Ugly:

    Personal one for me, I believe my badge got stolen on Sunday. It had been signed by a voice actor (and yes I paid for it) who wrote quotes and even did a drawing on it. Now its possible it fell I guess, but the way I tie it its not likely. I hate to think someone cut through my lanyard while I was browsing (dealer's room) but I can't make much sense of it any other way. I've never lost a badge before.

  4. On 2/20/2023 at 2:20 PM, F00LY said:

    Putting my vote in for no masks, yes vaccines.

    Just got back from Katsu and despite their mask policy, like 20% or more of the con didn't wear it, no one seemed to care, and this was particularly true for Katsu staff, booths and tables in the dealers room and artists alley (and included the people at and around the Otakon table).


    It was mandated at MagFest just fine and most pople I saw were complying.

  5. 2 hours ago, Daniel Perales said:

    I heard (2nd or 3rd hand information), that there were at least 2 vendors in the Dealer's Room caught Covid. Not sure if it was during or right after Otakon. Since the name of those vendors were not disclosed, I will just take it as hearsay.


    Saw quite a few maskless vendors the times I was in the DR.

  6. Didn't make it to a ton of panels this year because reasons, but here's my feedback for some:

    Manly Battleships: Gameshow Impossibru at the AMV theater was a hoot and fun from start to finish.

    True History of 4kids: Had the opposite problem of some other panels - panel finished extra early (like around 30 mins early) mainly due to the panelist just talking extra fast and seemingly a shortage of material.

    Afterlife in Anime: Was expecting more of a discussion of isekai but it was more about Buddhism and its views on the afterlife. An interesting subject on its own, but not what a lot of us were expecting to hear about.


  7. 1 hour ago, CarolineAndJustine said:


    - From what I heard, presenter ribbons didn't arrive in time for Thursday check-in so everyone had to come back Friday morning. This led to a big crowd at panel ops Friday morning.

    Was a panelist this year, can confirm we had to go and get our ribbons friday morning though we got badges on thursday. Maybe I just got there early but there were approx 10 people checking in when we got there.

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