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  1. Good: Great con overall, had fun. My panel was well attended and my cosplay was a hit. Bad: Zeno Robinson being an hour late to the scheduled autograph session on Friday, apparently there was some schedule confusion but what really was aggravating was that staff there said nothing to us about why the delay was happening. Ugly: The saturday chaos. Fortunately I got in to the con early and the line at the marriot was about 20 mins but people with me who got in line later in the morning (who had bages and wristbands) were stuck in it for over an hour. I also didn't dare set foot outsid
  2. Disinfectant if you;re staying at the Marriot Marquis, turns out Trump will be giving a speech there today and the America First Agenda Summit is being held there 🤢
  3. There are two large grocery stores nearby (Giant and Safeway) and some smaller convinience stores.
  4. I will be Nana Shimura from MHA, I actually started putting the costume together after Otakon 2019 to prepare for 2020 but for obvious reasons I didn't get to wear it in 2020, and in 2021 I opted for a plague doctor related cosplay instead. So finally glad to be getting this cosplay out of storage!
  5. You beat me to it lol
  6. I've never seen a vendor at Otakon be card-only. Some outside shops in DC are card only tho.
  7. Wouldn't be so bad if the Otakon subreddit had activity on it more than every couple of days...
  8. I hope this is true, compared to where we would watch the AMV contest back in Baltimore the room in DC is TINY.
  9. Just wondering. I know the forums aren't as active as they used to be but its sad to not see that.
  10. Hello all, I was wondering if panel confirmations/denials had been sent out yet? I remember hearing they would be sent out in late may and early June, but so far I haven't heard back.
  11. Well I'm glad they are. We're seeing a surge in cases and hospitalizations right now.
  12. Basically it seems there have been multiple incidents of of men not wearing uniforms using keys to come into occupied rooms when guests were showering. https://www.popville.com/2021/10/allegations-dc-hotel-chain/?fbclid=IwAR3DwB9Ot7CVS-Ew-ZxmgjZzc-l16I8JNO4wnCoJFXh6k1KrGfL_JBoUU2c
  13. Good to know its not just me! I did thank the person who asked but gave them a no as well. Wonder what they would use it for though?
  14. There was a room for LARP this year too, didn't go in but saw it.
  15. Random question I guess, but I was a panelist this year and at the end of our panel a guy came up and asked if they could have a copy of my powerpoint. That's weird, right?
  16. The Kabuki panel was really exceptional. The only downside was my having to switch seats because I got lucky enough to be next to a guy who took his mask off not only to eat but pick his nose 🙄 Everything else was pretty solid content-wise. Con Horror stories was unfortunate but I guess its not a con without at least one panel being a no-show. Also, was it just me or was Panel 3 freezing cold?
  17. Seems like I hit a nerve there. You okay? Pretty sure I was hardly the only one expecting a lower turnout. But even before going I knew I wouldn't be wandering around the building like I normally do or eating inside. I'm more worried about the people there who were being lazy with masks just because they were seated.
  18. $10 for a burger is pretty standard in DC tbh. And I stayed away from sbarrros just due to the sheer crowding in there.
  19. Hun, I did. I doubt so many expected an almost normal numbers of attendees. Why you're not concerned with this convention getting labeled a super spreader event is beyond me.
  20. I can. I saw several people with their masks off during panels or while roaming the halls.
  21. I second an attendance cap should have happened. I got extremely anxious when they announced how many people had been at the con at closing ceremonies. If Otakon ends up being a super spreader event that's not good for the con's image or for the attendees. Otakon should have required proof of vaccination, if anything.
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