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  1. Thanks for getting back with me via email.
  2. Thank you for reminding me that I have been staring at the screen too long. To be clear, I sent the email correctly to dealers2009@otakon.org.
  3. I sent it to dealers2009 (at) okaton.org.
  4. Hello. I reserved a booth in the dealer
  5. Seeing that it is my 1st Otakon, I am not sure really what my budget will be. I am definitely looking for unique items. I've always loved supporting small & local businesses. You can't reproduce that experience from Target and Best Buy not matter how great the sales are or pretty the giant flat screen teevee is. I'm budgeting any mad money I collect for Otakon. I like the factory direct feel that the artist at their table offers.
  6. I am definitely a noob to Otakon so I plan to arrive with an open mind and looking for a great 1st impression of the event.
  7. I am looking to commission an artist/studio for original artwork in a kodomo-happy-cute girl character style that is colorful and polished for a multimedia project that I am working on. Would someone please supply a few links to either studios or artist so I can make contact? Sorry if this post belongs in the artist alley, but I wanted to appeal to professionals as well. Relocate as you see fit. Thank you, Pixelseed
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