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  1. Wait, they took out Brock too? O.o I know they had him leave for a little while, when they had Tracy in, but I didn't know he left again. I stopped watching altogether when Misty left the show, I mean how can you take away the original cast. Now hearing Brock left though, thats just wrong.
  2. Like I said before I'm psyched, my flight comes in at 10:40AM thursday so what I want to know is what I should do that day, aside from preperations.
  3. One Piece rules and Otakon forever!

  4. I'm on my own. My friends aren't going and I have no family who wants to travel to Baltimore.
  5. Take out Bleach, Naruto, and Yugioh then add in Kyattō Ninden Teyandee (or better known as "Samurai Pizza Cats") and One Piece then you've got me. I thought Yugioh was stupid and my friend got me into the proper One Piece. But I've mentioned the series I said that should never have seen the light of day, and I can't exactly find anything else that fits in that catagory. Yeah, why so much hate on Dragonball? It contributed to anime entering mainstream.
  6. - "Irritating White Japanophile" - "Fanartist" - "Wannabe Anime Voice Actress" - "Gamer"
  7. My anime opinions have limited the past few months as my Best buy has reduced the anime selection. If I'm to get anything it'd have to be via online.
  8. Anime: -Bleach -Code Geass -One Piece -Samurai Seven No order as of interest. Manga: - One Piece - Fairytail - To Love Ru - Soul Eater - Naruto - Bleach From Favorites (One Piece) to those I only purely read out of routine (Bleach)
  9. No love for Bobobo huh? Sonic X, Duel Masters, and Bakugan. Only ones I feel should have never made it out there, because Duel Masters and Bakugan were made for merchandising, and Sonic X was not faithful to Sonic. (I.E. Sega added Chris, Cosmo, and the robots, then destroyed the story.)
  10. This will be my first Otakon and anime convention overall, and I'm psyched! I've heard (and seen ala youtube) so many good things about Otakon and wanted to go a few years back but my finances were not in the best shape. Now, I've got my wings and I'm ready to go! Now if only July could get here faster. YEAH!!!!
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