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  1. Otakon 2017 Hotel Feedback

    This is such a helpful thread to read, thank you! We stayed at the Comfort Inn (2 rooms for our whole group, both with double beds). For the most part it worked well for our needs, especially since it was the cheapest of the close hotels; however there were still a few issues, and I think next year we would rather pay a little more to stay somewhere a little more comfortable. Pros: The price! Through the room block it was $163/night. Parking was also cheaper than the other nearby hotels at $30/night, but was still valet only. For one room and one car parked Thurs--Sunday plus tax it came to $666.13. Free breakfast each morning, which again saved money! Pretty much your standard hotel free breakfast, but it did the job and got us starting our day right. The front desk staff was overall pretty friendly and accommodating. Free baggage check for Sunday, so that our stuff could stay somewhere safe after checkout. Saved us a lot of hassle! They also did not require us to get the car out of parking upon checkout. We were good to keep the car there until we came back after the con finished on Sunday. It was a pretty easy 8 minute walk to the con. Hotel was at the corner of 13th & M, so we really just had to follow M down to 9th street and we were good. There was a minifridge in the room, and complimentary coffee in the lobby. No real noise issues as far as inside of the hotel (street noise was another story) Cons: The rooms were SMALL. Very little space for storing our bags, etc. I'm glad our cosplays weren't very involved or bulky this year, because it was a pretty tight space for 4 ppl to a room. Bathroom was even smaller! In the 2nd room that the other members of our group had, you could hardly have 2 people even standing in the bathroom at the same time. The beds were not the most comfortable. Ours was a bit too soft/saggy in the middle. We were facing the street, and I'm a light sleeper, so there was significant street noise most nights. Only so much can be done for that, I suppose. Things were clean for the most part but there were a few old stains here and there on the linens. The A/C in our room was weird. No matter how low we put it, the air really didn't circulate through the room very well. They seemed a bit short staffed during the busy hours, there was usually only ever one person at the front desk. Saturday evening, two of our group went back on the early side (around 9ish). The fire alarm was going off, and when they asked the front desk, he said it was nothing, just ignore it. He said the storm had flooded the basement, and it was messing with their electric down there and making the alarm sound (UMMM...??)Also, due to this the elevators were not working for the rest of that night. The BIGGEST issue we had was with the valet service. If you do stay here, I would strongly recommend trying to find parking elsewhere-- First off, we hardly ever saw the valet staff outside. There was no one present when we first arrived. When we came in to check in and asked about who would take our car, the Manager at the front desk said he should be out there... he wasn't, so we left our key with the front desk instead. This turned out to be a recurring theme, every time the front desk manager expected the valet driver to be outside, he was nowhere to be found. We were told that we should call 30 minutes before we wanted the car, because that is how long it would take for it to get there (their parking lot is outside of the city). So we called as we were leaving the convention, and then when we got to the hotel 15 minutes later, the car was already there... double-parked but not even parked straight so the back end was veering into the next traffic lane, key in ignition and car on, and the valet nowhere in sight with the car unattended.. We went inside to get our bags and ask about where to find the valet and get our key, because we see our car is out there... manager says again he should be out there. Sigh. Once we got our bags and went back outside to try and find the valet, the car was gone. I spotted the valet trying to park it across the street. He was in the process of trying to parallel park in a too small space, and he backed our car right into another parked car, not looking at all. Then deciding the space didn't work, he veered into the traffic lane without looking and almost got hit by another car, drove a few feet and then put on 4 ways to double park it there... I got his attention from across the street to tell him that that is our car, we are here... and he decides to do a U-turn right then and there (he was starting on the other side of the street, facing the other way) in the middle of the street, again not looking behind him and almost getting hit again. He couldn't complete the U, so backed up to do a K, diagonally across multiple live lanes of traffic, almost backing into an oncoming car from the other direction, and then finally pulled up infront of the hotel and us, back where the car was at first, double parking it again but this time the whole back end and most of the driver's half of the car was sticking out into the next lane of live oncoming traffic, and he would not straighten it out, just left the keys in ignition without unlocking any of the doors so we had to go into the oncoming traffic lane in order to even get to the key to unlock the trunk and doors that were on the safer side of the street... There was a scratch on our car from when he hit the other one, we informed management about the other parked car and just got out of there as quickly as possible, trying to avoid getting hit by the oncoming traffic while we loaded our stuff into the trunk and jumped in the car while the valet driver just watched us, looking confused to our concern about his handling of the car. So, all that to say, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as I'm not looking to stay there again, but it also was not the worst hotel experience I've had, as long as you park somewhere else! As for myself, I was already considering staying somewhere else next year for more comfort/space, and the valet incident sealed the deal.
  2. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Please bring back Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham! Love them so much, their panel a few years back remains to be one of my all-time favorites. And... if I may take that request one step further... the rest of Critical Role along with them! Or as many of them as you can get. (Matt Mercer, Sam Riegel, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brian, and Ashley Johnson if you can swing it!) Having them would be a huge draw... they are all talented and prolific voice actors for both anime and video games, but then are also doing Critical Role together, which has become such a huge success. This will draw in the tabletop/RP gaming community as well, there is plenty of crossover interest there!
  3. Otakon 2017 Guest Request topic

    May be too late for requests, but I would LOVE to see Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey back at Otakon! Their panel together in 2015 was one of the best panels I've been to in a long time. Going even further in this request, though I know it may be wishful thinking, it would be amazing to have Travis & Laura joined by Matt Mercer, Liam O'Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel from Critical Role! (I'm sure Ashley Johnson would not be able to make it.) This would be such an amazing line up. You would be able to have a Critical Role panel/Q & A, but with Laura & Travis there on a year that Vic is also there, you could also do FMA guest panels! Sigh....