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  1. Parking Feedback for 2018

    A number of people in the Hotels Review thread recommended Parking Panda / the Safeway Garage nearby. I think that's what we're going to do ourselves this time around! Just for the love of God, whatever you do, DO NOT do valet parking (which is the only offered) at the Comfort Inn!!
  2. Northern Entrance

    Hello! Quick question for anyone who might know (and I know it's far enough out that there may be no answers yet on this, but thought I'd give it a shot anyway) -- Does anyone know whether there will be a Northern entrance point this year, or if we will all be funneled South or through the Marquis like last year? Reason I'm asking is because we got rooms in the Cambria, which we're very happy with, but if the only entrances open are both to the South that makes us further away than we appear to be, and may play a part in us deciding to look for other rooms closer to that end of things. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hotels

    Thanks for your response, @GaZ! Unfortunately, it is still grayed out for me, even after my transaction is complete. It does not let me see anything else other than the dashboard with my 2 rooms, and does not let me go anywhere else... The "select another room" option in the drop down in the corner is grayed out. The Hotel Reservations tab is also grayed out, and when I click on it it says this:
  4. Hotels

    Yeah, someone on facebook was posting that they had talked to Experient and they told them that Otakon hadn't included any double bedded rooms in the block there.
  5. Hotels

    Hey @GaZ (or any other mod who sees this) I really don't mean to gripe and be a pain. But The portal is not working this way for me -- once I confirmed my 2 rooms, the button to continue even looking at available rooms becomes grayed out. So not only can I not grab more than 2 rooms at all per account, but I can't even check to see if anything better has popped up, as sometimes people let go of rooms they end up not needing. Can someone please let me know if this is the case for everyone? And is there a way to get this issue fixed? Thank you!
  6. Hotels

    Yeah, that occurred to me, too. I'm glad that I happened to be checking daily that whole week, rather than every few days, or I could have also missed it. Pretty sure they implied at least a week's notice before. Sorry you got screwed
  7. Hotels

    Same. Also, it seems we were miss informed by the 2 room cap. It is not per web entry. It is period. Once 2 rooms are ordered, you cannot even SEARCH for other rooms!!! NOT what was described when I asked that question on here, you guys. Really sucks that those of us who were on the actual website had a 10 minute wait time to those who were on twitter for the link. I've been waiting for 4 months. I've been counting down. Those 10 minutes were make it or break it for our group and the top 3 hotel choices. Now I'm waitlisted to even find what I need with 2 rooms. Really not okay
  8. Hotels

    Yeah. I have only a short window that I've set aside while I am at work... Been checking the social media for the last 4 months daily, and now can't even get in when it's live. I am assuming everyone is having this problem though? As long as we're not anomalies...
  9. Hotels

    Yuuppppp and it says it is open on facebook
  10. Hotels

    1st -- THANK YOU!! 2nd -- I agree with everything Fooly said above, and exactly how he said it. That was my own biggest issue with this whole thing, was the lack of update/communication on social media. I honestly started getting frustrated with every other minor post when it went on 4 months without hearing a peep on this subject. So I second and third and fourth that request, both for any future hotel issue like this, and with other high anticipation things like waiting on guest announcements, etc. I think PR will go so much better for Otakon as a whole and everyone will be way more at ease if there are more "updates coming soon, thanks for your patience" types of posts, rather than it being either an update or straight silence on the matter. 3rd -- I DO have a question!! On the site it says "You will only be able to secure two hotel rooms per web entry." What does this mean exactly? My group and many others I know typically need 3, so after all that I'm a bit concerned that we won't get our whole group their rooms!!
  11. Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Please bring back Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham! Love them so much, their panel a few years back remains to be one of my all-time favorites. And... if I may take that request one step further... the rest of Critical Role along with them! Or as many of them as you can get. (Matt Mercer, Sam Riegel, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brian, and Ashley Johnson if you can swing it!) Having them would be a huge draw... they are all talented and prolific voice actors for both anime and video games, but then are also doing Critical Role together, which has become such a huge success. This will draw in the tabletop/RP gaming community as well, there is plenty of crossover interest there!