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  1. Suika07

    How was your hotel?

    My guess would be that it didn't roll over because it was meant as a replacement for the Comfort Inn's free breakfast, once each day. Again, the amount was probably set by Comfort Inn because they were the ones footing the bill due to having to re locate you because they overbooked themselves. If you had more than 2 people to your room, they probably should have given you more for that daily stipend, but that is poor choosing on Comfort Inn's part I bet. If Comfort did have you reported as only 2 ppl in the room, well, again my BF and I got delicious breakfast every morning at $10 each, $20 total, each morning from the Renaissance. It does sound like the Renaissance front desk people either weren't informed or didn't know the procedure at first though. that part is on them, sure. You have your reasons to be frustrated for sure! If you want to try the Comfort Inn next year, I do wish you luck and a good stay! But just be forewarned that, having stayed with both places, I think the issues stemmed from Comfort Inn's overbooking and lack of knowing how much to give you for the stipend. So, next year if you stay with them, you might run into very much of the same if not bigger issues. They aren't very attentive to detail over there. Again, if you want amusement read my Otakon 2017 hotel review... and picture watching a valet almost run into oncoming traffic with your car repeatedly and then successfully running it into a few parked cars. Yeah, that happened to us there. Wasn't funny at the time, but I guess distance allows me to laugh at it a little now.. lol.
  2. So many good suggestions here! For dub VAs I want to second the Critical Role folks... they fit more than one fandom, with a great crossover of VA work in anime and in gaming, and then of course representing table top gaming & D&D. I know it would probably be very hard to get them all, and that they always do GenCon which is around the same time but... it would be amazing! If impossible to get the full Crit Role team, then atleast Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham, please and thank you!! Their panel a few years ago was one of the best I have been to and they are just great. I want to second the request I saw earlier for Little Kuriboh and Team Four Star to come back!! Again, the Abridged Panel many years back was still one of the best Otakon panels I have experienced. I would love for Chris Sabat, Sean Schemmel, and Kyle Hebert to return, but I know that is rare, and really this year would have been the year... but still, would love to see them! I haven't really gone to any of the concerts in all my years attending so far... usually I opt for more time to do other things, since the concerts take up so much of the evening... Distant Worlds was close, but in the end I didn't want to spend all day in line for only one event. But, I saw some great suggestions here, and for any the following I WOULD probably skip everything else to see them: L'arc-en-ciel, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Momoiro Clover Z, Utada Hikaru, and Ayumi Hamasaki.
  3. Suika07

    How was your hotel?

    Yeah, I think this is what happened. Agreed!! Ashlynx-- So it wasn't altogether clear in your first post, but from your more recent one I think what I am understanding is that you booked at Comfort Inn, but they bumped you to The Renaissance because they were overbooked? Please correct if I am wrong on that! So yeah, it definitely sounds like these problems stem from Comfort Inn not communicating with the Renaissance and booking properly, not the Renaissance itself. If Comfort Inn was obliged to find you a room due to overbooking (I have been there, too. Not fun.) then they would have just grabbed a regular, available room wherever there was one. They didn't grab it inside the Otakon room block. They booked it as a normal room. Sounds like Comfort Inn didn't communicate that you were part of their Otakon block, so the Renaissance did not know to treat and bill you as such (waiving the wifi fee, etc.). I also think if you call and politely explain that you were part of the room block, but bumped from Comfort Inn, they may honor that and take it off your bill. At Comfort Inn, I know you get free breakfast. So it also sounds like they paid for the $20/day voucher, on them as part of the coverage due to you from their overbooking mistake. They should have communicated this to you. Renaissance was probably unaware that they did not inform you, since Comfort Inn initiated the voucher. In their system it probably just showed as part of the room's booking, and most people would assume the person booked knows the details of their booking (as the staff at the front may have been unaware of you being booked by Comfort Inn if it wasn't shown as obvious in their system). I will say this... my friends and I had some nightmare experiences at Comfort Inn last year. Topped off with getting to watch as the valet backed our car into several parked cars and drove like a crazy person. That alone was terrifying. You are welcome to read the account of that stay in Otakon 2017's hotel review thread. We are determined to never stay there again. I don't care that it is cheaper (and usually I am all about saving money for more merch). So honestly, you didn't miss out on anything there, trust me. The breakfast you would have gotten free at Comfort Inn is pretty poor. I could hardly eat it. I will say for $20 at the Renaissance my bf and I both ordered the egg skillet each morning and it was delicious. And the eggs were real, lol. I can say, having had both that and the free breakfast at the Comfort Inn, that the Renaissance egg skillet was well worth paying for. Also, the fact that the Comfort Inn overbooked in the first place, when it was through the room block no less, is pretty obnoxious. If I were you I would be taking more issue with them on that, too. But that is your call! You are welcome to try out the Comfort Inn next time and see how it compares for yourself! I would just very much not recommend them, personally.
  4. Suika07

    How was your hotel?

    Stayed at the Renaissance! Mainly due to all the positive reviews that were here from last year. Last year we stayed at the Day's Inn, which I would NOT recommend. -Rooms were comfortable and clean and spacious. We also had a great view of the con right out our window. -Had mirrors both inside the bathroom and a full length outside (important when more than 1 person is getting cosplay ready at the same time!) -We were one block from the con, facing the entrance. Shortest walk to a con I have ever had! -Generally quiet, no issues with noise. -Bar was open til 11 or 12 most nights. -Check in and Check out was a BREEZE, especially with their mobile app! -Staff was all super friendly, and the room had cute personal touches, like a letter from housekeeping introducing herself and recommending a place to eat while exploring the city. -They had on site self parking available for $35/night. This is about as good as you expect to find anywhere else, and it is right on site. We were able to load the car Sunday morning and skip the bag check line! -They didn't offer free breakfrast (I usually like to save money that way) however, they DID offer room delivered breakfast and coffee, at a time that you select, which we took advantage of. It was delicious (I had an egg skillet), and I am also NOT a morning person, so it really helped us start the day right. Came to about $35 for two of us each morning. WORTH IT! -I was disappointed that it wasn't as decked out as attendees described last year, but I am seeing that they had other events going on which makes sense. Hope we catch them on a less busy time next year. They did have J Pop playing in the lobby and elevator though. i honestly have no complaints. We usually try to go the cheapest route and save as much money as possible. After our horrible experience with the Days Inn last year, we decided we would spend a little more this year. We got what we paid for. Prices weren't outrageous, and can't really beat the convenience of proximity, on site self parking, and breakfast in bed! 10/10 would stay again!