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  1. nooo I'll always love you sugar buns

  2. is this how it ends between us?

  3. Just found this in a different thread. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v316/sol...nt=PICT0035.jpg
  4. Anyone get pics of a Sanosuke with a HUGE sword or Pimp Miroku?
  5. September 13? *Checks calendar* A saturday! No conflicting schedules..HECK YES! I will be there for sure! Can't wait, I'm already really excited
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Shout-Outs will be there again. They were fun! Last year I was Miroku and they asked the whole lobby for me if they would bare my child It's just too fun being Miroku so I always end up being him at some point. This year I have a street fighter group planned. I'm going as Ryu and we have a Ken, Chun-li and possibly Cammy. I already finished my Hollow Ichigo costume, just need the contacts so that'll be among my cosplays. My main cosplay this year is going to be Sanosuke, I've always wanted to cosplay him but never got around to working on the big sword, but I'm
  7. As far as the new characters I'm havin a lot of fun playin with Sonic, Meta-Knight and Wolf, but I will forever be a Samus fanboy. Plus in her Zero Suit she's almost as fast as Sonic Add my FC- 4511-0182-6345
  8. for you people going to the 3/14 - Camden? Are you insane? Well, I think I'll go to the venue where I am less likely to get shot, 3/15 at Asbury Park.
  9. I'll add you, gt is xXNBKXx Kakarot.. I'll be on tonight probably
  10. MUCC, D'espairsray and The Underneath are performing along with Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet for my valentine and more in the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour starting at the end of February. For all of you in the Baltimore area, they are playing in DC on 3/17. I know I'll be there a couple nights before that when they're in Jersey. For all of those who saw the MUCC concert at Otakon 2006 I think you'd agree it was a great concert. I saw D'espairsray at animenext last year and they were amazing in concert. Can't wait to see them play again, anyone else going?
  11. I have Gears but I haven't really played it online. Halo 3's ranking system is completely different than 2 in the fact that YOU have to personally do well to really rank up. It's all based on your K/D ratio, accuracy, and consistency in games. Having a good team helps you get better scores though, which is also a problem I've always had because I always go in team games myself.
  12. lolzers comments whut? win

  13. I'm probably going to go play halo 3 right now for a bit, haven't had too much time to play recently. GT was changed to xXNBKXx Kakarot Add me and we'll pwn some noobs!
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