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  1. ohes.. I totally just got into watching Soul Eater, so it's a little late for me to plan a cosplay, but probably next year if my little brother ends up liking it as much as I think he will.
  2. Yes!! haha! Saturday two lady friends and myself are cosplaying as Director Haruhi, Battle Waitress Mikuru, and Evil Witch Nagato. We will sooo be there~!
  3. As of right now, my plans are for two small group cosplays: Friday: *Sand Siblings of Naurto* Myself - Temari (post time skip) My beau - Kankuro (with the three scrolls on his back) My bro - Garra (Kazekage version, I believe. Colors might be a little off.) My lady friend #1 - Sexy Jutsu Garra My lady friend #2 - Sexy Jutsu Kankuro Saturday: *The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya* Myself - Director Haruhi Suzumiya lady friend #1 - Battle Waitress Mikuru Asahina lady friend #2 - Evil Sorceress/Witch Yuki Nagato (We re
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