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  1. you are a brave lad! flying across the sea to go to a con i know how ya feel man. i go to cons by myself all the time. your never really alone at a con. at a con your allies are all around you. even w/o us here on the boreds. you will meet ppl and make new friends. im an experienced con goer, and ive been over seas a few times. so ill give you some advice. it is wise to get a plane that will arrive in Baltimore at least by Thursday around 11am eastern time. that will give you enough time to get your cargo from the baggage claim, get to the hotel etc. It will also give your body time
  2. ill be in line Thursday too. i might do a casual cosplay for it. im thinking about either denny colt / the spirit or ---- gumshoe [ace attorney] ill have my DS to picto chat w/ ppl, a bottle of water and my camra. i remember the bit of rain last year. luckily, it only rained for a few mins.
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