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  1. Weeeee, hahhaaa. <3 I'z going as Marluxia. Be warned. I might come and rape you. :3
  2. How popular is cosplaying on Thursday? I might prepare a costume for the pre-reg line. but I'm not sure. Lol.
  3. My mom thinks I'm too young to travel to baltimore by myself, she she is coming with me and my friends, but she won't be attending the con with us. (thank god) But I'm going to bring two of my friends. :]
  4. My mom is coming with me, because I'm only going to be 16 by the time the con rolls around, and then I'm bringing two of my friends. :]
  5. w00t, Otan00bs. I've never been to a huge con like Otakon before, but I'm not that nervous about it. (I mean, nervous, as in ON SNAPPPP) The only think I'm 'oh snap' nervous about is the possibility of my mom making us ride the Greyhound over to Baltimore. Haaaa! I should look into Amtrak, though. Train wouldn't be that bad. Anyways, hi. ;D I'm a n00b.
  6. * * * -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Gabby (catch-some-air is good) Age:: 15 (will be 16 by the con) Male or Female:: Female. Do you need sleep at a con? At least three hours a night. Drink or smoke:: No way. Tell us about yourself:: 1st Otakon, Third anime con. I love Kingdom Hearts and pretty much all anime. I am a photographer and I do sports, fashion and cosplay photography. I ride horses. I love cosplay. 8DDDD Annnddd I love new friends. -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? Usually one or two per con. I'd muc
  7. I'm going as Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts II. This is my first Otakon (;; ) and no one else who is coming with me wants to do KH cosplay. Is there any Organization group or cosplayer that wants a Marluxia to hang out with? 8DDDDD
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