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  1. Yes, sorry about that! I don't have a date yet but hopefully soon. I live in Oregon and have been affected by the big ice storm / power outages (we've had no power since Friday 2/12). Since I've had many people ask, the chickens are fine and the voting results have been...interesting.
  2. Agreed. Please keep this thread on topic. We're very sad to hear the announcement about AB2021 but know they're making the only decision they really can right now.
  3. We do have people exploring various options for ways to get you opportunities to help support us with things like limited edition 2020 merch. We'll also be looking into re-opening member registration so if you missed the early bird rate, you'd be able to lock in 2019's rate for 2020. Nothing official to announce yet, but keep your eyes out.
  4. Hopefully that fixes the title
  5. Lastest word I've seen from ShowClix (as of ~10 hours ago) is that fulfillment on their end is complete -- this means all badges should have been placed in the mail. Please allow time for delivery and keep an eye on those mailboxes next week. Sounds like they're still working on getting all the tracking numbers imported, so it may be another day or two before they show up, but you can check their "My Tickets" page: https://www.showclix.com/my-tickets . (note, only the billing contact email address for the order can log into that page)
  6. Generally we list the items in the activities page that we know are going to happen for the year, then when the forms or pages become available or get updated for the year, we'll make the link active. That being said, I'll try and poke that department to see if they have a new form for this year.
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