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  1. It varies. Sue tends to do them in batches every couple weeks.
  2. Good catch with the BBS link! It's been added. The bulk of our work tonight has been complete, so hopefully you'll all start seeing the new site as the www.otakon.com site as DNS changes make their way through the interwebs.
  3. Some of you may have noticed that some links on our website and some of our recent announcements have started linking to new website we've been working on (http://dc.otakon.com/). Well, we plan on doing the big switch this weekend to make that our new main landing for our website (http://www.otakon.com/). We've got over 10 years of history on the old site (looks like the first year we started using this version was 2004), so there's a lot to move over. Some areas may still link back to sections of the old server while we move things over, but we hope you all like the new format (and hopefully it's a little friendlier on mobile devices). Please expect our website to be unavailable on Saturday 2/4 at 9PM - Midnight. After the cutover, if you find broken links of other issues, you can let us know on this thread. Thanks! And for fun, here's what things looked like back in 2004.
  4. Are there still Otakon spots available? I just sent in my Gofer registration. I would really like to Gofer this year and am looking forward to helping with the convention, please let me know.