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  1. Accept Bitcoin?

    It's not something we're actively considering, for a variety of reasons. The volatility would make it irresponsible for the corporation to store any reasonable amount of assets in bitcoin. Our budgets are planned in advance and are very tight. They would not be forgiving to the market fluctuations in the currency. Also, none of our vendors are likely to accept payment in crypto currencies, so there would be no advantage for us in keeping assets stored in bitcoin. We would need to immediatly transfer them to USD and our corporate bank accounts. I'm no expert on bitcoin, but my impression those transactions would be subjected to Conversion Fees which are likely around the same or higher than our merchant account fees for accepting credit cards. On the Logistics side, assuming it was something the corporation wanted to pursue, we'd need IT staff who were interested and had the time to integration a new payment processor into our systems.
  2. Food Recommendation Thread!

    So Destination DC has provided us with a map of a bunch of restaurants (they call them "Quick Bites") and places with Daily Needs (convenience stores and what not) and I've put up a link to it on our website location page: https://www.otakon.com/info/location/ Hopefully the map they've given us isn't too out of date. ALSO! There is a whole slew of restaurants and local businesses that participate in a Show Your Badge program. Flash your Otakon badge, get a discount! Links to those are also at the link above.