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  1. Indeed! Nobuo Uematsu was announced yesterday: https://www.otakon.com/guests/nobuo-uematsu/ I got to see Distant Worlds recently in Portland and it's a really great concert. Uematsu wasn't there for my show, so excited to get to see it with him there.
  2. .taro.

    Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Totally understandable how from the outside it seems a bit crazy. Some of it involves the bylaws of the organization and how memberships are structured. Bylaws can be changed to make all sorts of things possible, but for this year (and since it's a bit of a change for how things have been done recently), this way didn't require big changes. So you're purchasing a discounted membership on Sat / Sun. Since there are less days remaining for your membership to be valid, there's less "value" there, so we can discount that rate. We don't (currently) have a membership option that would allow you to purchase on Friday and no longer be a member on Saturday.
  3. .taro.

    ShowClix isn't forwarding registration status

    goferops@otakorp.org is the main contact. Sue and Brian are DHs for this year. Looks like it's possibly the last name didn't match because your member account has a "Jr" and the registration does not. I'll have to dig a little more to find what exactly happened.
  4. .taro.

    ShowClix still hasn’t updated my status

    Last update I ran was as of this evening, so you should be there now. Like Matt said, it's a little manual at this point, but hopefully the automated stuff will be up and running in the next week or so.
  5. .taro.

    ShowClix isn't forwarding registration status

    Like Matt said, we're working on a more automated process to update our database, but for right now, we're manually importing records. We didn't want to delay registration just for that, so it's manual for now. I was hopeful that I would have had time this weekend to finish it, but alas other things took priority, so it's looking like it'll be another week out. It may be the 21st century, but a lot of our older systems are...not... (but we're working on it!) I just ran the most recent import, so everyone from up to around 11:12pm Sunday night should be in there. And since Gofers tie into the same system, that also means Gofer registration won't work until the member record makes it over to us. So I'm going to try really hard to get Gofer registration open next weekend. I think at least the last 2 years I had it open the same day as registration... there goes my track record... Fadamor- If you're thinking of getting back into Gofering, you should probably shoot Gofer Ops an email. Your Gofer account will need to be re-enabled from back in 2013 where you requested to be removed.
  6. We've still got a little backend-magic to do in order to make that work again, but will be trying to get that working again.
  7. .taro.

    Special needs question

    Hey LegendaryBroli, Same as we had it in Baltimore, the Member Accessibility desk is in an area next to Registration.