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  1. Hey I didn't see anything about this, so I thought I'd get things started. Anyone have any plans for this year for cosplay yet? I'm going as Leon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. If anyone else is doing anything Sword/Shield related, feel free to PM me. Can't wait for this summer :)
  2. I checked the mailbox 5 times, I assure you, it's not that.
  3. So I talked to someone and now I'm having a new problem. I need to prove that USPS lost my badge, which is difficult since the tracking thing says it got delivered. Even though it didn't and I can't reach anyone at USPS. And if I don't get in contact with someone at USPS, I have to buy a new badge at full price.
  4. So it looks like USPS, being the wonderful organization that it is, lost mine along the way. What do I do now?
  5. Hooray I'm a gofer this year! First timer for this!

  6. I shall be Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. And I can't wait!
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