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  1. I'vebeento Baltimore Comic-Con, Wizard World Philly and a horror con before, but I understand that Otakon is huge (I'm expecting Wizard World siz, anyone know how accurate or not that is?), and I know that there are things that make it unique. Those are the things that I hope to experience on this, my first Otakon. I will look around the dealer room a little, the artist alley a little, might see a panel if there's something interesting enough, but those are things I've exerienced at other cons. I already know about the Rave, and intend to attend. I also plan to try to cosplay my first time.
  2. Currently watching: Soul Hunter Samurai Deeper Kyo Ninja Scroll (series) Gurren Lagann (3rd time... can't get enough) Currently reading: Naruto (prefer as manga) O-Parts Hunter (reminds me of Dragon Ball)
  3. I can't believe someone mentioned Gurren Lagann. That makes my brain hurt in ways that it hasn't since... since... Since I last watched Gurren Lagann XD To all those who thought that DBZ should have ended after Cell, Akira Toriyama, the creator, thought so too, but had a hard time turning down the money he was offered to continue it. I want to see FLCL. I've heard a lot of (mostly bad) things about it. I just love the other two things that GAINAX put out so much (Gurren Lagann and Evangelion) that I can't imagine myself not enjoying it. Yugioh started out as something truly
  4. Gonna try to be there as Simon from Gurren Lagann (post time jump, Super Galaxy Dai Gurren costume, pre-starfish glasses). It'll be my first cosplay. Dunno which day(s?) yet.
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