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  1. wow o.o I love the idea I would of joined but I already have my cosplay all done up XP. Going as Kurumu Kurono from rosario + vampire but I wouldn't mind getting some pictures done up from the con of the pokemon cosplays lol I would enjoy a map myself of where to find the different people XD but if I did go as one I would of probably gone as Garados, Glacion, or vaporeon or maybe even a latios/latias or rayquaza XD but ah well maybe next year right? XD
  2. hey I'll be going with two of my friends, and my one friend is bringing a friend XD and then I'm meeting up with two people who are also bringing some people/meeting up with others so it should be a nice little group ^^
  3. I'll hang with you and this army - nods - just let me know where to meet you guys at I have an aim you can reach me at - vampiricriku or. my myspace which is - myspace.com/isukavalentine tis my first time at otakon as well - nods - and I wouldn;t mind hanging with new people and I wanna join the fun posteth - Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Name - Amanda. Alis - Isuka Age:: 17 Male or Female:: Female. Do you need sleep at a con? XD nope.I can stay up as long as anyone wants sure I;ll passout eventualy but I don;t needs sleep XD . Drink or smoke::
  4. Hi ^^ I'll be going to Otakon as Kurumu Kurono from Rosario + Vampire
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