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  1. But... thats not too bad assuming you have 16 people? 300$ a person or so?
  2. Not sure if its con-related, or a fear of going to the dentist later in July, but has anyone else ever dreamed of your teeth falling out? I did have a dream that my seat on my flight got double booked and I got moved to First class because they flight was full. Then when I got to my seat the person sitting next to me was Kitagawa Keiko. We talked about stuff and I found out she was going to Otakon! haha... Then I woke up. Fear of flight problems + Otakon ftw
  3. hahahaha x] you made me smile hehe!

  4. No more missing the bus dreams for me, but last night I dreamed I was being chased by a bunch or Godzilla cosplayers. -.- The setting looked like the shopping district in Kobe that I go to though... lol Creepy dream. Maybe I am thinking about a few years back someone cosplayed as Godzilla and made a really awesome costume. I remember him dancing near the DJ tables that were set up near the Dealer's room Entrance. Anyway, it was creepy.
  5. I have been dreaming about missing a bus. I guess thats my subconscience telling me to reserve my bus ticket to the airport. -.- Other than that I have been sleeping rather well despite the overwhelming 150% humidity + 38 degree heat.
  6. the pre-reg line is insanely long. you'll probably do an anime-fall over when you see it. however it does move very quickly. Last year I got in line around 6pm and waited 30-45mins..... felt like 15mins because I was entertained by all the cosplays walking by - and by this shirtless guy swinging a glowstick around for no reason
  7. -Personal Statistics- Name (First name or Alias):: Jon or Jonathan Age:: 26 Male or Fe male:: Male Do you need sleep at a con? Usually eventually, although I have become somewhat of an ensomniac lately. I imagine I will sleep fine after my flight though. -.- Drink or sm oke:: Drink when the feeling arises or I'm surrounded by tastey drinks. HATE sm oking. Tell us about yourself:: Uh what to say... I love games. I love biking and running, although this is a recent development. I love Japan; history, culture (Both old and new), language, food, and most of the lifestyle. I graduat
  8. I'm risking the wrath of the moderators for veering so far off topic, but I'm older than most of them and don't give a flying dogfish what they think for the most part, so.... If Mr. Blinker is asking about Duvel or Delirium Tremens, he knows what he's asking about, and Dogfish Head beers would be an interesting distraction, but a detour from what he really wants. (Yo, Blinker, how about Delirium Noel, or Delirium Nocturnem? Or Cantillon, or Fantome, or Westmalle, or Chimay, or Affligem, or Corsendonk, or Kwak, or de Koninck, or Dupont, or......) There are hardcore beer fans who
  9. At 7-10pm? Hmm must have changed some then. Maybe three years ago, there was no line towards the end of the night. Hoping I can get there and get in line to get my pass, while also being able to get pizza and see a movie. ;p
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