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  1. You must be flying ANA. You can get MUCH cheaper flights -- I've seen them as low as $800 in the last 3 months -- but I think it's probably worth a bit extra when you can afford it.
  2. Just to clarify, if you take 95 to 395, you won't have to exit onto Howard Street. 395 becomes Howard Street once you pass the exit for Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd - the BCC is the intersection of Howard and Pratt.
  3. Not my first time, but my first in a while! Will be flying in from Japan, but my plane is going to Dullus. -.- Little... miscommunication between me and some friends. I originally didn't think we would be going to Baltimore on the 16th, but now we are. Oh well, it only means they have to take the east, more traffic intense route to Baltimore, than the west, less traffic intense route. Driving in Baltimore can be pretty bad, but if you take 95 to 395, and get off at the Howard Street Exit, the Convention Center is going to be right there on your right. Its hard to miss. The most confusing
  4. hahahaha I laughed out loud. -.- Many of my coworkers looked at me. Who would I go out with? Well... I have dated a fanfiction writer. I think in the end I would want to date a gamer though. Not knowing about anime is merely ignorance and can be easily corrected! Goth girls can be really cute, especially Japanese ones. They have to have pretty powerful personalities though to get me interested, and most I have personally met have been a little shy to new comers. @Kreidas - I met my last "girlfriend" at a con. We weren't exactly bf/gf but we were exclusively dating
  5. There isn't much anime I can say I actually hated. I didn't care for some, Excel Saga is one. It was ok the first time, but anything more just made me feel like I was watching one of those teen high school drama movies. Yaoi... heh such a long discussion could be held about Yaoi.
  6. No problem! Everyone sounds like a child when they first start speaking a new language and if they don't then they often sound very regulated and robotic. At least, thats what my Japanese friends tell me. Luckily for me, I live in Japan so I'm surrounded by the language every day.
  7. Ah... the Japanese language! Lots of fun! As for the は vs が question, Its not really something you can "learn" its more something that just comes naturally when your ability with the language gets better and better. What I mean here is there are just many many things to think about when dealing with these particles, and to try and think about all of the rules while speaking will just hinder your ability to speak fluidly. みんなの日本語 has good information on these particles. Learn the rules, and then just continue listening/learning the language. It will eventually click, kinda like
  8. -.- Budgeting is poo. 1600$ for flight from Osaka to DC is bad enough. Then I have to figure my hotel price... which I still need to find, but friends live close by so we may commute. But then after Otakon I have a month and a half vacation before going back to Japan... On the plus side there is probably not much at all I want nor need in the dealers room. More money for other things. -.- GAH I have to remember to tip!
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