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  1. When you come to check in at the convention, we still have to enter you in the system that everyone else is entered in. As stated, you don't pick a time slot when you pre-reg...you still have to come to us to pick that and to say, "Hey, I didn't have a last minute change of plans/I didn't flake--I'm here, this is the time I want." You still come to me, hand me your pre-reg stuff, I still have to type it in, you still have to get a call-number, etc. Contest pre-registration only saves you the hassle of having to hand-write some info that most people had filled out before they got to me anyway
  2. I'm not saying that they are not capable of telling you what they felt needed improvement at all-this is why pictures of the costumes are taken, this is why they ask questions about your method, and this is why they make little notes to themselves. Our judges are undoubtedly skilled people both in terms of just sewing and in cosplay are are, I assure you, competent judges. We would simply have to coordinate that type of thing. I had a similar thought for inclusion of such. I don't know that it would be included in online registration; if it is decided that it is a good fit for the co
  3. I know constructive criticism is extremely important, especially here so that you all can aim to improve your work. However, there isn't really a feasible way that I can think of to do that. Don't take my word for it entirely because I'm not in charge... Judging is a big, time-consuming job. The score cards are to make the judging process point-based and a bit simpler, and they might be writing notes to themselves for the sake of deliberation, but it might not necessarily be coherent enough for you to be able to say, for example, "Okay, I need to work on my stitching, or use a different k
  4. Something else we're looking at in terms of trying to ease any line in addition to sorting out and returning Online HCC Reg is to provide forms on which you list your info such as series name, character name, etc. Provided I can read your handwriting [and it was actually just fine this year!], I won't have to take extra time grilling you on these items OR will I have to ask, "Hey, uh...could you spell that for me? I'm not familiar with it." I believe HCC had these forms in previous years; should we provide them [which I am going to lobby for], we should have them up on the site here. Hope
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