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  1. I have had more con-going dreams/nightmares this year than ever before, but I have at least three to five a year, since I dunno.. maybe four years ago? Sometimes they're a lot of fun, sometimes they're just the setting, and other times they're utterly terrifying...
  2. Hellsing: Girlycard/Femmecard and/or Warrant Officer Schroedinger -- Silent Hill Crack: Loli-Pyramid Head/Pyra-chan -- Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Belphegor -- Code Geass: Dark C.C./Inner C.C. (Not to be confused with R2 C.C.) -- Victoriana: Arabella -- Bleach: Lt. Kusajishi Yachiru -- Boogiepop Phantom: Boogiepop -- And I'm open for any other Cosplays, if you need a short person for a missing character in your group, I'll be happy to whip up the necessary costume, just let me know. =D
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