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  1. wow, I might have to look into this hotel. how far is it from the con? kinda wish I was staying there - cheap and free breakfast!!!!
  2. I'm originally from Baltimore, Md. But now I live in Oklahoma. Ughh... It used to be so easy to go to Otakon because I never had to worry about transportation or hotel fees. So now I'm married, and my dear hubby is dying to go. What's a girl to do? So I started looking into the airfare. Yikes!!! I found that by coming up on a Wednesday made a huge difference!!! For a round trip our tickets were about $210.00 a person. Not to shabby in my opinion. Now for the hotel. Well of course because this was a last minute decision all the hotels with Otakon rates were completely booked!!! So I shopped aro
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