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  1. post otakon trauma (need more sleep)

  2. watching my mailbox for my 2011 gofer tshirt!

  3. love the new BBS layout!

  4. This will be my 3rd otakon but my first time doing cosplay. I know I'm definitely doing SoiFon (in captain style) on Saturday. I may do Nanao Ise (Lieutenant for 8th division) on Friday since the costume already come with black kimono and all I need to get is the 8th division patch...but i'm still not 100% sure yet... And reading all these posts in this thread - I just simply cant wait for FFVI gang and Yuna (In wedding Dress) with Tidus
  5. Being a fan of both Naruto and Bleach, I never really thought of the possibility of who will win if all the characters from both series meet up and fight. I would go for Bleach than Naruto. It's more than just the whole shinigami argument, but more of, there are just much more powerful characters in Bleach than in Naruto. You have 10 espada, who can all do more than few cero, you have 13 captains and not to mention the 8 vizards, who are ex-captains + lieutenants. In Naruto, you only have the tail beasts (including Gaara and Naruto), the Sanin (which is now down to a very fragile Tsunade),
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