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    Hey everyone, name's Matt and I'm a student at Devry University. I'm currently majoring in Game Design and studying to become a game designer. I love videogames, anime/manga, writing, movies, music, & a lot of other things.... :)

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  1. sucura


    I'm going to be cosplaying as Stein the whole weekend that I'm down there.
  2. Bobobo-bobobo-bo was just horrible and I completely agree with everyone who mentioned it before me. I just didn't grasp the concept of fighting a gang of bald people with nose hair, among other things. And I have all respects for Japanese horror and gore movies, but Apocalypse Zero....yeah it was just bad.
  3. Recently, I've been watching Bleach and finishing up on Soul Eater and Azumanga Daioh. That and I've been rewatching Pokemon (the original episodes).
  4. Thanks for the help Motoki-O & Sven. I did in fact pre-register for Otakon, as I always do with events like these, but I'll have to see what works out best. As I said, transportation is an issue along with several other things being an obstacle from getting down there on Thursday. Looking forward to Otakon, long lines or not though.
  5. Ah I see, well I'll probably still end up coming Friday morning anyways just because of transportation issues and other things. Thanks for the help and I'll check out the FAQ thread, should've done that first.
  6. Wait, doesn't the convention start on Friday? O.o
  7. Keep reading posts talking about how long the line is, will it really be that bad? O.o This is my first Otakon (as well as my first anime convention) so I'm not too familiar with how big & crowed events like this get. I was planning on coming down early morning on Friday, or would I be stuck in line for hours if I did that?
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