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    I watch anime, and read a little manga. I do role-playing forums. I also like playing video-games. I like going to the mall, hanging-out with friends, talking on the phone, and being on the computer. It is kind of hard to describe me fully, because I'm different, I'm unique, I'm me. So if you have anything you wanna know, ask. I will answer any question asked to me.

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  1. Just to let you guys know, I finally decided on my cosplay for 2010. I went with Lloyd, and I purchased most of the parts today. All I really have left to get is the tunic and the accessories (necklace, gloves, buckles for the boots, rapier(spelling?), white marker to put the design on the tunic, and a slinky (I am going to use it for the bracelet). If you wanna talk more about my progress, or would like to be listed to receive pics of the finished cosplay, just PM me. As for those who will wait a year, I can't wait to show off a finished cosplay of it. Alright, and thanks for the input.
  2. Awww no FFX Rikkus have posted here yet! I really want to find one, and not the X-2 version either. If someone knows of any that are going, pm me.
  3. Yeah, I should have said, for those of you who choose Lloyd because he just looks cool, also think of how awesome having someone go crazy as the mask at Otakon would be. So yeah with the mask I can have a good time, but with Lloyd I would just look good with silver hair. Hope that helps your opinions.
  4. Hey I already said who I am going to be for 2009, but I was wanting to hear some opinions about the costumes I am considering for 2010. I can't decide between these two and wanna figure it out: The Mask from the Jim Carry movie "The Mask": Lloyd from the PS1 game "Legend of Dragoon": Tell me which one you think I should do. Thanks.
  5. This is my first convention and my first cosplay, so I am going as Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. Here are some of my pics of my costume: http://roleplayerguild.com/members/the-hoo...ke-urahara.html
  6. Panels are discussions given or led by an expert fan or by someone who works in the industry. Topics vary widely - Otakon tries to select fan panelists presenting about Japanese and east Asian culture and similar topics, but a panel can be about any topic. You'll also see panels led by Otakon's guests. Industry representatives - people who work for companies like Bandai, Funimation, and Gaia Online, among others - also usually have a panel or two at Otakon to discuss what's coming up for their company, new releases, premieres, and other interesting stuff. The masquerade is the con's Ma
  7. This will be my first con overall and even though I keep hearing it will be overwhelming I am pretty stubborn and don't think that. All I am really worried about is figuring out what to do and where everything is. But yeah, along with being my first con, this will also be my first time cosplaying. I am going as Kisuke Urahara from Bleach. Also, can someone tell me a little about what panels and the masquerade are? Thanks.
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