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  1. No it's not... Woohoo! I always feel like I'm cheating when I commission an outfit. Like everyone else put so much effort into their great costume and all I did was pay someone else to do it.
  2. Judging by the floor plans provided by the Hilton it's in a prime location, so that's at least a plus. Both ballrooms are on the 2nd floor, which is connected via skybridge. There are also no rooms on that floor. There would probably be less people still since it's not technically in the convention center and there would be lots of frustration trying to evade the minotaur that's chasing you through the BCC (it's a labyrinth). I'd still be against a move but I wouldn't be totally against trying the Hilton either. Vandalism might be a problem and since it's the Hilton, Otakorp is going to p
  3. Any leads on something a little more north of Baltimore?
  4. I'd be against a move. It just doesn't seem necessary. There is plenty of space every year at the BCC. I'm sure the last thing the Hilton staff wants is a bunch of underage kids who can't hold their liquor running around in their hotel and throwing up in their bathrooms. They're going to be less thrilled about cleaning up that mess than the BCC. Not to mention at the BCC there's plenty of areas to walk around and hang out should you want some air and there are plenty of restrooms. Also, there's the large area by the rave where people just hang out and talk which is often much nicer than
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