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  1. I also live in baltomore otakon 2009 was my first time. Iam also looking for freinds who like anime my email is viola.lyons@comcast.net or playstation network T-Lyons
  2. Hello! this is my very first otakon as well and I live in baltimore so Ive finally had some courage to come to otakon. as i would like to group up with others instead of going there being lost and confused. thanks!
  3. whatsup everyone This will also be my very first otakon its really strange because i am from baltomore and just never really been to one. by being the only one in my familys whose into to anime manga and other relations to it as well as freinds to not into it. I think it would be overwhelming and i would be really lost to be there alone so I would really like to group up. thanks!
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