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  1. This will be my first Otakon (and con for that matter) ever! I am quite excited but just a little nervous I've been reading over all the tips and such from this forum. I think one of the best tips I have gotten is: have fun! My friend has gone to Otakon so I know I can pester him if I have any questions! I will be arriving Thursday so I also get some time to explore Baltimore (which I haven't done in a long time!)
  2. This is my first Otakon so I am really looking forward to it! My friend and I are staying Thursday/Saturday and we preregistered. We are debating whether to get to Baltimore early and get our badges or chill out for a bit, and look around. I know some of the Otacupid singles are planning a meet-up on Thursday for the early birds so I'll get my badge before then! I am quite intimidated by long times but from reading the posts here I don't think I got anything to worry about It seems the line moves surprisingly fast when the number of people are considered.
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