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    Current Manga- Black Cat<br />Current Anime- Soul Eater<br />Current Video Game- Civilzation IV (PC)<br /><br />Music- Anything other than new rap and all country<br />Books (Non-Manga)- 1984, Brave New World, We, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, A Canticle for Leibowitz<br />Movies- Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Bruce Almighty<br />TV (Non-Anime)- Mythbusters, Time Warp, Home Improvement, Battlestar Galactica, Jericho (BRING IT BACK!)

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  1. I usually only focus on one anime at a time, so right now I'm watching Soul Eater.
  2. I'll be going alone this year, but I'm rooming with a bunch of people so I'll probably have someone to hang out with. If not, then I'm open to forming a group of Otanoobs!
  3. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Mike Age:: 19 Male or Female:: Male Do you need sleep at a con? Generally, yes. Especially if I stay up for the raves. Drink or smoke:: Neither, vile habits that they are. Tell us about yourself:: I hail from New York (state, not city). I live in a little city in the middle of farming country called Auburn. I've only begun to go to conventions, and as such this is my second. As my signature says, I went to Anime Boston this past May and LOVED IT! I hated the drive back home, though X_X I'm a born-again anime fan,
  4. I'll definitely be going as General Leo from Final Fantasy VI, and I will be watching my back for any Kefka cosplayers... XD
  5. I dunno if its especially obscure, considering it comes from arguably one of the most popular Final Fantasies ever made, but I'll be cosplaying as General Leo, the honorable dude with the short blond mohawk from the Gesthal Empire.
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