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  1. Kefka here! ueeeehehehe :D I'm in the group cachalot is organizing.

    And I am bringing a Mog.

    If there's a General Leo at Otakon, no worries, I will stomp on his face :B

  2. -Personal Stats-

    Name (First name or Alias):: Mike

    Age:: 19

    Male or Female:: Male

    Do you need sleep at a con? Generally, yes. Especially if I stay up for the raves.

    Drink or smoke:: Neither, vile habits that they are.

    Tell us about yourself:: I hail from New York (state, not city). I live in a little city in the middle of farming country called Auburn. I've only begun to go to conventions, and as such this is my second. As my signature says, I went to Anime Boston this past May and LOVED IT! I hated the drive back home, though X_X

    I'm a born-again anime fan, as I kinda fell out of the culture in middle school since no one around me watched anime. My favorites include Rurouni Kenshin, OHSHC, BECK, and Gurren Lagann. Beyond anime, I like Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, the revisioned Battlestar Galactica, Jericho, and most any 90s era sitcoms. I also like to read, but not just manga. I'm really into 1984, Brave New World, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Starship Troopers, among others. I'm also really into music, but not into modern rap and all country.

    -Convention Stats-

    Do you go to panels? Generally, unless it's a VA panel or something that intrigues me, no.

    Do you attend the dances/raves? I tried to at AB, but I got too tired and just decided to head back to the room early. I WILL definitely go to at least the Friday dance.

    Do you spend any time gaming? Not in the VG rooms, no. I do play video games, along with card, board, and mind games.

    Do you participate or go to the masquerade? I go to the Masquerade, but I don't participate in it.

    Do you cosplay? YES! I'll be going as General Leo, from Final Fantasy VI, this year.

    Are you staffing or volunteering at the con? No, I'd probably end up in a corner shivering if I tried to control you all...

    What do you spend most of your time doing while attending the convention? Usually just walking around taking pictures of all the costumes that I can.

  3. I dunno if its especially obscure, considering it comes from arguably one of the most popular Final Fantasies ever made, but I'll be cosplaying as General Leo, the honorable dude with the short blond mohawk from the Gesthal Empire.

  4. Just wanted to update everyone on the status of the Final Fantasy VI group going to Otakon - we now have every human playable character in the game, plus Kefka. Yes, you read that right.















    Look for us walking around ALL DAY on Saturday.....it'll be a blast! We'll be at the Final Fantasy all gathering on the 3rd floor on Sat afternoon, and then the FFVI gathering right after that.

    Can't wait!

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