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    I enjoy many things but I shall focus on my anime interests here.<br /><br />My favorite anime shows (no order) are Axis Powers: Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist (both), Princess Tutu, Gravitation, Spiral, Tactics, Sherlock Hound, Hellsing Ultimate, D.Gray-man, Ouran, Toradora!, Kyouran Kazuku Nikki, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Soul Eater, Hidamari Sketch, Big Windup!, Saiyuki, Soul Eater, Damekko Doubutsu and many others. <br /><br />I do not care for genres. I pick up anything from girly romances to tough action and back to simple kids stuff.

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  1. Three words...CLANNAD: After Story...
  2. Had a dream a few years back where neither my mother or my stepfather could drive me to Otakon, so my best friend (who usually comes with me) and I had to take a "train." (It looked more like a mix between a trolley and a bus) So, we had to go on the train in costume but luckily, the trolley-bus-train-thing was empty besides this random sleeping hobo who did nothing the whole dream. My friend was scared to get on the "train" because of the hobo. (She's the adventurous one...) I told her that the hobo wasn't going to hurt us. The conductor, who was the bald grandfather type with big bifocals an
  3. I have a sort-of sweet story. Last year, I had some problems meeting with people. I was texting someone while walking down some stairs. I was already feeling frustated when I missed a step and fell off three more steps from the bottom. My stuff was everywhere and my ankle hurt a bit. I was really upset when a random stranger comes running up to me. Stranger: *helps up* Are you ok? Me: *fake laughs* Yeah. I'm fine. Stranger: *helps pick things up* Here. Me: *starts to pick stuff up* Oh, thank you. Stranger: No problem. *we get up; she hugs me* It's ok. Me: * hugs back* Thank
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