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  1. I had a weird con dream this afternoon:

    It was the Thursday of pre reg pick up. I was up, packed, and ready to head out of the door, when my aunt told me that I needed to finish some chores before I could leave. I know that I had already cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and straightened the rest of the house (don't want to come home to a messy place) so I asked what needed to be done. She guided me to the back yard and informed me that I needed to milk the cows and feed the horses - which I thought was odd since we live in the middle of Baltimore City - but I shrugged and began to toss hay to the horses. Suddenly a black and white horse (I mean like t.v. black and white, think Mr. Ed) told me that I was getting my cosplay dirty. I looked down and realized that I was in full cosplay and slowly getting covered in hay, chaff, and animal by products. Disgusted and trying to clean myself up, I rushed to milk the cows and hurried off to meet my ride, only to find out they'd left already, and I had to make my own way to the hotel.

    Before I could call a cab, the black and white horse offered me a ride, but only if I would pay for his Otakon membership to which I agreed. So, I saddled up, strapped my suit case to his back and made my way down town. Everything was fine and I was waiting at a red light two blocks away from the BCC when a dog dressed as Vash the Stampede yelled at me that I was doing it wrong and the car full of clowns next to me agreed with him...

    I woke up wondering what the hell was in my subconscious mind that made me dream that.... :D

  2. Had a dream a few years back where neither my mother or my stepfather could drive me to Otakon, so my best friend (who usually comes with me) and I had to take a "train." (It looked more like a mix between a trolley and a bus) So, we had to go on the train in costume but luckily, the trolley-bus-train-thing was empty besides this random sleeping hobo who did nothing the whole dream. My friend was scared to get on the "train" because of the hobo. (She's the adventurous one...) I told her that the hobo wasn't going to hurt us. The conductor, who was the bald grandfather type with big bifocals and a scruffy grey mustache, started a conversation.

    Conductor: I see you're going to Otakon there.

    Me: How did you know?

    Conductor: I saw your costumes. They're good. (My costumes are cheap and kinda crappy!)

    Me: Thank you.

    This started a long conversation about anything from anime to Baltimore in general. In the end, the conduction said that every Otakon, there was good weather (FALSE!) It showered for a few seconds a couple of times and to the right of the convention center was a huge unmoving storm.

    ...And for some reason, the train was hovering some of the way....

    I don't usually remember dreams but when I do, I remember the weirdest parts.

  3. That...is amazingly adorable.

    Otakon 2008 I was walking down the sidewalk to go into the con on Friday, holding hands with my boyfriend. He was dressed normally, and I was my flamboyant sparkly Jack Skellington. My boyfriend and my friends are such troopers cause everyone asks for a picture and my pals just hold my bag and stand out of the shot ever so patiently<3

    Anyway, we were walking, chit-chatting about what we were headed to first, when a girl came running up to us and said "Oh can I please take your picture!!??!"

    My boyfriend very graciously took my bag and stepped aside, but the girl said "No no! Together! You guys were so cute holding hands!!"

    We all giggled and I pulled my blushing boy in for a cute photo--Jack Skellington and "his" boyfriend, holding hands.


  4. I have a sort-of sweet story.

    Last year, I had some problems meeting with people. I was texting someone while walking down some stairs. I was already feeling frustated when I missed a step and fell off three more steps from the bottom. My stuff was everywhere and my ankle hurt a bit. I was really upset when a random stranger comes running up to me.

    Stranger: *helps up* Are you ok?

    Me: *fake laughs* Yeah. I'm fine.

    Stranger: *helps pick things up* Here.

    Me: *starts to pick stuff up* Oh, thank you.

    Stranger: No problem. *we get up; she hugs me* It's ok.

    Me: * hugs back* Thanks.

    Stranger: *lets go* No problem. See ya.

    Me: See ya. *we go off our seprate ways*

    I couldn't find my friend for a while after that, but I felt so much better after that. Thank you, Random Acts of Kindness!

  5. I was about to post that! :P

    But yeah, Towson Anime is *very* active. We volunteer at Sakura Matsuri, we hold some screenings and performances and other events and our new tradition: Tigercon. 2008 was our first year doing it and we got 350 people for a one day thing.

    But anyway, if you'd like to drop by for a meeting sometime, feel free. Technically, you can't be a *member* unless you're a fee-paying full time student, but you can still show up. We meet Thursdays at 7 PM in University Union, Room 305. Parking is free on Cross Campus Drive in the evenings.

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