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    I love to draw,paint,sculpt and many other forms of art :3

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  1. Wolfy Lee

    :O Otakon group finder

    I'll be hanging around with my boyfriend most the time, who will be dressed as The Monarch (Venture Brothers), but I'm willing to meet new people, ball-joint dolls anyone? Name: Rebecca (Wolfy) Age: 17 (18 on May 11th) Cosplaying As: Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Brothers) and/or BLU Scout Mom (Team Fortress 2) Interests: Cosplaying/ fursuiting, drawing, painting, sculpting, anything art related really XD I like my dolls (who will be coming with me to Otakon, possibly cosplaying too), I also love animals~ Hobbies: ^ see above Anything extra: uuuh....feel free to message me on whatever, im usually there just 'appearing offline' so message and ill either reply or not XD Wolfylee@comcast.net AIM: Wolfyleefurry Steam: Wolfyleefurry MSN: Wolfylee@comcast.net Skype: wolfy.lee
  2. I love you <3


  3. Wolfie! its me Java!

  4. So I have been validated on here now,See you at the con!