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  1. man I'm shocked you put that as your profile picture it's hilarious XD oh and I commented on your hotel pool topic

  2. Hi, I JUST saw your comment left on my profile from July ^_^. So I dont think I know you.... do you know me?

  3. Thanks for the comment, homie!!!

  4. mr.paradox has no friends....better find some!

  5. hey babbit. we are from the same place. yay.

  6. what an amazing screen name. hahaha

  7. Yes, I love biology -- especially immunology. :)

  8. nice username! haha

  9. holy crap. nice artwork!

  10. is ur name really yhette!?

  11. ramen is filled with carbs and sodium! not gymnastics food at ALL. =]

  12. biology?! what a weird interest.

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