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  1. mr.paradox has no friends....better find some!

  2. hey babbit. we are from the same place. yay.

  3. what an amazing screen name. hahaha

  4. nice username! haha

  5. holy crap. nice artwork!

  6. is ur name really yhette!?

  7. ramen is filled with carbs and sodium! not gymnastics food at ALL. =]

  8. biology?! what a weird interest.

  9. dont cry! theres always next year. hahaha

  10. ill be ur friend squirrel man. and ill look for u too....ill scream squirrel!!!!!

  11. heyyyyyyyy robbbbbb

  12. isnt zateran like...a rice brand?

  13. can u explain ur username to me. plz?

  14. what an awesome username. ha

  15. hello!!!

    texas...very far. lol

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