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  1. Having the staff that gets assigned to the room judge how good the panel was though? That's not such a good idea... What if it's a Resident Evil panel and they despise RE? They could give a bad review for a very good panel. And attendance being the judge doesn't always work as sometimes people make judgement calls on two panels they want to see but are at the same time as well as... well, in my expereince? Sunday panels have lower attendance than any other day regardless of what the panels are.
  2. As someone who has been a panelist at Otakon and other cons many times, I have quite a bit to say about all this. However, I will force myself to keep it as brief as I can. Also, as panels at Otakon '07 had separate issues, I will speak about cons in general and not about Otakon specifically.

    I basically think there are two things that all fan conventions, especially anime conventions, need to do in regards to fan panels.

    First, the cons need to keep more tabs on the panelists. Have their phone numbers. Call them to remind them of their panel. Force them to come to panel ops as soon as they get to the con, so you can get on the same page. These people are getting free registration to conventions, the conventions are perfectly in the right if they get on these people's backs and make sure they do what they promised they would do. One convention I went to this year handed me a personal printed itinerary of all the events I had to deal with. That was very awesome.

    Second, the cons need to have a lot less tolerance for panelists who are not prepared, professional, and punctual. There shouldn't be very much tolerance for people who show up to panels late, do a bad job, miss any deadlines for submissions, etc. Every panel has a staff member present to keep an eye on things. This person could also count the attendance at the panel as well as report on whether or not the panelists did a good job.

    We have a situation where there are more people who want to do panels at conventions than there are panels to do. Thus, we can afford to be much choosier in determining who runs what panels. Obviously it is pretty much impossible to have a convention, especially one the size of Otakon, have perfect panels across the board. There is just no way to guarantee the quality of panels that are run by fans. However, I think we can reach a point at which most of the con-goers who walk into any panel at random will leave feeling like it was not a waste of their time.

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