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  1. anbai


    I only really know 3 Chinese artists, which makes me feel bad. >_< Wang Leehom, Ji Jia Song and Jay Chou. But I like all three of them. =D
  2. anbai


    What's up with Minwoo? I don't really follow Shinhwa, but I'm curious. Apparently Minwoo cheated...?
  3. anbai


    BEG's comeback album is great! I love how the girls have been experimenting more and more with techno/electronica~ Sound G has a nice balance of ballads and pop songs. Has anyone heard Epik High's remix album? Absolutely brilliant! I especially love the remix version of One: ! Though I miss Jisun's voice, Horan sounds really lovely as well!
  4. anbai


    It's a very different BEG image from what I'm used to, but I love it!
  5. anbai


    Has anyone seen SHINee's Vogue Girl photoshoot? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMMrXqpA3rk...player_embedded I can't believe some of these boys are still jailbait... (T_T) They look so sexy and mature. Ugh I hate it when I lose account info. The JE Panel was really good. It was an intro panel and it did just that introduce. It gave out good and quick information. I'd like to see what they do if they add an hour. I saw some complaints about how they could of done more but honestly no they couldn't it was an hour and an intro panel. I went to four panels this weekend which w
  6. anbai


    I haven't been to this thread in ages! (I used to be "NOTanOTAKU" on the forums, but lost the account info.)
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