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  1. I can vouch for both Daikaya and Reren Lamen; both are great but have they're pros and cons. Daikaya is more well known but has veeeeeery long wait times and is always crowded.But they also have an Izakaya on the second floor that requires reservations. Reren Lamen was nowhere as crowded as Daikaya so you might have better luck getting your ramen fix there (when I went was in October of last year so hopefully that hasn't changed much). Also staff was really really nice! Personally, Daikaya had the better broth but Reren Lamen had the more filling meal and was slightly cheaper iirc. Reren Lamen also had this alcoholic bubble tea (I don't remember if it was actually called bubble tea though) that was amazing. Also if you're willing to walk a little further away to the Archives metro stop Teaism is also a nice Asian Fusion place to eat. Lots and lots of tea and if you like what you had you can buy it in their tea shop next door.
  2. Why did everyone have to be perfect? Particularly in action? The AMV Contest and Iron Editor are consistently my favorite part of Otakon. The intro itself is partially what got me into film/video production actually.