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  1. FoxyProxyRoxy

    Otakon 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good: ~Constant updates on social media (in my case Facebook). I don't know if I've been missing these the whole time (probably have been knowing me) but I really liked constant updates about different events as well as important info like the Artist's Alley closure on Saturday. Plus it was a cool way to work the theme in. ~Whichever vendor brought the purikura machine in the Dealer's Room - PLEASE encourage them to back. I can't express how happy I was to finally see a purikura machine at Otakon and even though I missed my chance to actually use it the fact it was there at all was a highlight for me and my friends. ~Thursday Badge pick-up. We were in and out in less than ten minutes around 4. ~Maybe it's just me but all the WEWCC staff seemed more upbeat than BCC staff but experiences vary. So I'm making a slight alteration to the usual scheme and changing The Bad to: The *goes Ehhh with a wiggly hand motion* (Mostly because these definitely impacted my time but I can't actually said they were a negative and honestly I feel like I can't really fault anyone for them happening but they still made me feel some type of way in varying degrees) ~General layout confusion (cause new place duh). But that's just part of moving pains. ~I was super super hype for the Lolita Garden and Fashion Show (even though I missed everything cause of poor planning on my end) but I would definitely like to see some events with other J-fashion styles in the future. Obviously Lolita is the biggest and most organized so if we never get anything else I'm still going to be happy cause this is fantastic but it'd also be cool to see something else in addition in the future even if it's just a broader swap meet. But specifically in addition, not replacing. I'm still really happy with what we got this year. ~The AC was definitely stronger than Baltimore. It usually only got that cold at night. But I was fine when I was in Lolita so YMMV. The Ugly ~Attack of the Water Tribe 2: Electric Boogaloo. ~Seconding a divider/barrier of some type in the hallways to the Dealer's Room and Artist's Alley. I'm imagining that area to get pretty bad when attendance rises again. For my 10th Otakon I honestly really enjoyed this year and I'll definitely be here for next as long as time and funds permit!
  2. Why did everyone have to be perfect? Particularly in action? The AMV Contest and Iron Editor are consistently my favorite part of Otakon. The intro itself is partially what got me into film/video production actually.