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About Me

I'm a 21 year old college student residing in Pikeville, Kentucky. I'm a gamer, anime/movie/TV watcher, dog owner and house take care of... er? XD

At Otakon 2010, I'll be running a panel called 'Visual Novels: Moe, Drama and Everything In Between!!', which will primarily be a sort of 'Intro to Visual Novels 101' kind of panel. In addition to that, I will be running a 21 and Older Meet Up on the day of Pre-Registration pick up!

I'm planning to make this year's Otakon a sort of 'final hurrah' for me, as for the next couple years, I'll be mostly likely 'buckling down' and getting my education finished and working on my major. So, please come to the Panel and if you're of age, please attend the meet up and make this Otakon the best convention I've ever been to and will ever attend. :D

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