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  1. I have a postcard I'm trying to complete of the English Cowboy Bebop cast and the only two I'm missing, and am requesting, are Melissa Fahn, and Skip Stellrecht. 🙏
  2. I know about, have used and like Guidebook, but like I said, my brain finds it much easier to comprehend and visualize the schedule when it's laid out in a grid. I don't even need a paper copy of it since I know it is a fool's errand to keep that up to date. The online grid version like they used to have, and what they had up on the big screens would be fantastic.
  3. Asking again, since I got a like, but no answer. I'll be able to make do without, but visually it is a great help to me to see everything laid out and see what is up against what and where.
  4. Is there going to be a grid version of the schedule?
  5. Will any panels be recorded and available for later viewing?
  6. Welp, of all the years Otakon falls back on July is when I'm actually out of the country (or right when I'm coming back, still not concrete on the dates at the moment) so I can't go for the first time since I started going in 2009. Hell, even if it was in August, I wouldn't have any money left over anyway. That being said, I DO NOT want to see announcements for Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Toshihiro Kawamoto or anybody else from Cowboy Bebop . Still though, I'm bummed. Not bummed enough to chose Otakon over Europe but bummed all the same.
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