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  1. SeishiN

    :O Otakon group finder

    I'll drag you to the rave, its the one part of the con I refuse to miss I think I'm staying in the same hotel too
  2. SeishiN

    :O Otakon group finder

    Name: Andy Age: 25 Cosplaying As: Myself Interests: Gaming - WoW, FPS, Anything other than annoying Facebook Games Upgrading my badass computer Anime(duh) - Too many to list Movies - No sappy boring love stories or terribad horror movies Music - Metal, Rock, Techno, Daft Punk <3 Hobbies: Street Hockey Working 24/7 Hangin with the childrens Anything extra: Im pretty awesome , good sense of humor, not shy at all, I get along with pretty much everybody. I am not much a partier or a drinker, but I do enjoy going out from time to time...I do like raves. One of my favorite things to do is meet new people(Thus the reason for this post), everyones got their own story and I like to hear them all. I am going down alone, since I dont have any friends as awesome as I...so, some good company would be great. Hit me at LapseOfSanity@live.com, or message me on Facebok. Those go strait to my phone, which is on me 24/7, so I can assure you a response I am not real picky on who I chat with, I pretty much like everyone...my only rule is please please, be over 18, I dont need anything that comes with minors, haha