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  1. I was wandering Otakon, when i heard a shrill scream. It belonged to a small girl, no older than five. "Woswad Woswad Woswad!" (I was cosplaying as the Pokemon Roserade) "Woswad Woswad Wosewad!!" she chanted, as she bounced up and down in her Sailor Moon costume, nearly dislodging a hair ornament. I watched as her mother, who while she restrained the child, pull out a small, digital camera. "Excuse me, may my daughter get a picture with you?" she asked in a weary voice that clearly communicated that she knew that if she didn't ask, her daughter would demand. So I knelt down,
  2. Two friends and I are planning on going as the legendary bird trio Articuno, Zapados, and Moltres. I definitely am interested in doing this and I think my friends will be, too. I hope this is for Otakon 2010, because if it happened last year then I will be sad. I am confused on the exact details (starting place in the con, day, time, rules, path layout, etc.) If they are already somewhere, I would really appreciate a pointer.
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