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Okay, you caught me. I am a Pokemon NERD. I play the games, and can recognize all 493 Pokemon on sight. I am an avid collector of gaming hardware, yet am often thwarted by cash-lessness. I so need to take up a job at GameStop.

I don't only play Pokemon games, though. Other favorites include


Jak and Daxter

Ratchet and Clank

(note that J&D came BEFORE R&C. Jak rocks.) They really need to put the above characters in Super Smash Bros. Wonder what their final smashes would be?

Although I consider myself a gamer, I am certainly not a hardcore one. I tend to always put difficulty settings on easy, and use cheat codes to make it even easier whenever I can. After a while I will turn the cheats off for a bit, because I like to have an appreciation for the true nature of the game.

I refuse to play a game that is a sequel without playing its predecessor. As a result, I have not played any Final Fantasy games up 'till recently. Who knew each one was its own contained story? (not me, of course)

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