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  1. My swag from this year's Otakon: -Otakon 2008 t-shirt -Band Brothers 2 -Hellsing Ultimate 2 and 3 -Kanon 5 -Hidamari Sketch Yuno pin -Negima doujin (non-hentai) -Getbackers complete series boxset -Aruruu (Utawarerumono) mini-pillow -Dokidoki Majo Shinpan! 2 LE set
  2. http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a234/TnA.../Otakon%202008/
  3. I started out by reserving a room in the Mariott yesterday. However, once I found out that the Holiday Inn was available, I cancelled my Mariott reservation and booked a room at the Holiday Inn (prefer a hotel with outdoor parking, as my usual roommate drives a van).
  4. Nice to see my "vampire" question made the cut.
  5. After the lack of any Haruhi badge designs last year, the best way Otakon can make up for it is to have a Lucky Star badge at this year's convention.
  6. After hearing about this, I think that I made a very smart decision in calling the Holiday Inn 16 hours ago and making a reservation there.
  7. TnAdct1

    Holiday Inn 2008

    Just called the Holiday Inn 15 minutes ago, and I was able to reserve a room. Just a quick heads up for those people planning to reserve a room there: all that they have left when it comes to the rooms at Otakon rate are the ones with the single king-size bed.
  8. So, any word on whether or not the Mariott has begun to take reservations?
  9. For some I guess. I called at 830 when I got to work and they said that they would put my name on a call back list just cause they were swamped with the call volume. I got a call back several hours later saying they were putting names on a courtesy call back list for the Otakon rate next wednesday so that we didn't need to keep calling back. But it seems some people got to be put on the second list right away. :?
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