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  1. In response to to Anirevo getting seiyuu that Otakon fans wish they could get (heck, Emiri Katou could easily been a perfect choice for Otakon this year, given both the popularity of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and how it would be fun to see her take a day trip to Baltimore to surprise those attending Bronycon instead), keep in mind that Anirevo, like AX, is located in the West Coast, which means it's cheaper for Japanese guests to travel to those cons than one in the East Coast.
  2. In response to this: Giant is listed in the "Daily Needs" section; It is not listed on the map as intended in the "Restaurant" section, but there is a Safeway in the same area with Qdoba and Sweet Green.
  3. Especially when you consider how one of the guests already announced is involved in the upcoming Eureka Seven movie.
  4. One exception to the rule (if they do have a booth at Otakon again): Good Smile Company. Without the shipping fees, it's cheaper to buy the figures directly from their booth rather than order them online (not to mention you get to pick up some "con exclusive" figures before they ship to those that order them online).
  5. Nice to see that there's plenty of eateries nearby (in particular, Fuddruckers', Five Guys, and Dunkin' Donuts).
  6. There's a few reasons why a lot of Otakon announcements happen after AX. With Anime Expo being the biggest anime con of the summer, it's easy for some Otakon guest announcements to be overshadowed by AX, and thus it's safer to hold those off until after that con is done. From what I heard a few years back, some guest negotiations for Otakon do happen during AX. Otakon wants to make sure that guests are 100% committed to attending the con before making the announcement. As such, it may take a while for them to receive that confirmation.
  7. I'm sure we'll be getting some more announcements in the next few weeks, especially those that will be brought with the various anime companies (i.e. Viz, Funimation, and Aniplex).
  8. My Otakon gear consists of the following: Clothes (1x shirt, shorts, and socks and 2x underwear for each day I'm staying at the con) Toiletries (Shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, electric razor, and deodorant) Snacks (a case of soda and chips/candy) Electronics (Portable systems, camera, phone, and laptop) w/ chargers and surge protector bar At least $300 cash ($200 for Dealers Room, $100 for food, although it may be more this year due to the con being in DC) Umbrella
  9. After the fiasco with Anime Expo yesterday, any way to ensure the mess that happened there in terms of entering the convention will not happen at Otakon?
  10. Right now, it's too early to plan my objectives, as there's about a good month-and-a-half until the convention, and I want to wait for more news (i.e. additional guests, the schedule) before I fully plan anything. However, one objective that's definitely part of my plan is to attend the AMV Contest.
  11. Because someone has to suggest it: Lazytown - We Are Number One!
  12. Kinda completely forgot about Yuri on Ice. I do agree that that's going to be some cosplay representation, given how it's one of the bigger anime titles in the past year.
  13. Old favorites: Love Live Attack on Titan Marvel/DC (especially Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy) Splatoon/Zelda New titles: Kemono Friends Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (expect at least one cosplay from that show) ARMS
  14. It's close to a month until what I would consider to be the usual deadline of the Otakon AMV contest (i.e. the Monday after Anime Mid-Atlantic), and I've yet to see any news about it. I can understand some elements that could be holding things back (such as the move to DC and the coordinator probably busy with getting married). However, the lack of any announcement has me somewhat worried that there won't be a contest this year.
  15. Not sure about Aquors (could be on tour during Otakon), but it would be cool to see fhana at Otakon, given how they've done the OP to the main Winter 2017 title that I've been following, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.