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  1. TnAdct1

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The problem here is that some companies attended SDCC the previous week, and it would be a big hassle trying to transport everything from San Diego to Washington D.C. in less than a week.
  2. TnAdct1

    Otakon Panel Feedback 2019

    If you are talking about the Best Non-Finalist winner at the AMV Contest results, Vic gave a legit reason for this: as great as the video is, this isn't one that can't be shown in general hours due to the gory violence (which was the only reason it didn't make the finals in the first place).
  3. TnAdct1

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Do you mean morning or evening? If you mean morning, it's probably like that to avoid direct competition against the opening of the Dealers' Room and Opening Ceremonies. I believe among the main reasons for it are as followed: Whenever there's an Olympics year, Otakon does tend to host it while it's taking place. Quite honestly, this period is likely a better time to book Japanese guests (and with a lot of the big Japanese events that Otakon usually competes against being rescheduled due to the Olympics, it could allow some better Japanese presence next year).
  4. TnAdct1

    Otakon 2020 Guest Request Thread

    With the theme of next year being the 2020 Olympics, I think Otakon should stay true to that theme and bring in some of the people involved in Akira (in which said event serves as a plot point).
  5. TnAdct1

    Otakon Panel Feedback 2019

    Oh yeah. As I follow one of the hosts on Twitter, I was aware ahead of time that they couldn't make it to the convention this year, with the AMV Theater staff handling things this year instead. Personally, they did a great job, as the lack of commentary allowed for more videos, with many of the classics being shown (and me joining along with the usual fun).
  6. TnAdct1

    Otakon 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    THE GOOD: Great variety of guests this year, especially on the Japanese side, with a couple of old school seiyuu and the crew of a number of popular titles. Vic not only bringing back the fan-parodies that have been sorely been missed since the move to Washington, but also doing a great job handling the Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos panel when the two hosts were unable to attend (showing most of the videos that makes this event one of my regular panels each year). Discotek once again giving Otakon a bang of an ending with its panel. THE BAD: Convention Center staff basically blocking the escalators for a few minutes when it opened up on Friday. There needs to be better communication there. The complete lack of water stations in key areas (i.e. Dealers' Room, Artist Alley, Video Game Hall). The handling of the line for Promare. While I did plan ahead in case I was unable to attend the screening, the fact that people were lining up for this three hours before the scheduled start time seems unfair to those who waited until said time to line-up, only to learn that its already full.
  7. TnAdct1

    Autograph Prices and line wait time

    In terms of pricing: Basically, the ones that are listed on Otakon's schedule are free.
  8. TnAdct1

    Badge Mailing?

    Before you do that, I suggest rechecking the mailbox again to make sure you didn't leave the badge there. I remember a couple of years when I assumed that my USPS delivered the badge to the wrong house when I got a message saying that it arrived, when in reality, I failed to pull it out of my mailbox when getting the rest of the mail that day.
  9. TnAdct1

    Badge Mailing?

    Got mine in the mail as well.
  10. TnAdct1

    Schedule is Out!

    Need to get something ready in case I attend one of the Toru Furuya sessions.
  11. TnAdct1

    Schedule is Out!

    Actually, the preliminary schedule has been out for at least a few weeks, although I have noticed some changes to it already,
  12. TnAdct1

    Weather forecast for Otakon

    Time for this annual reminder: Between the hot weather of the summer months and the amount of heat that can be produced in cities due to urban heat islands, the weather forecasts for Otakon weekend do call for possible rain most of the time. While there's a chance that the rain forecast may not happen (or if it does, it happens during a period where you're indoors), I advise you to bring along an umbrella to and from the convention center just in case.
  13. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    Kinda thinking that way too once I read her involvement in that show. If Funi is indeed the one that helped bring Park to Otakon, then they definitely outdid themselves this year with not only her, but also the English voices of Goku and Vegeta (now if only Otakon could have gotten the guests that Japan Expo has in store this year).
  14. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    By next week, do you mean this coming week or the week of 6/7-613?