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  1. TnAdct1

    Food establishments/entertainment

    Didn't want to stray too far away from the convention center (only went about three blocks south from my hotel last year, although I may want to go a little further next year to check out the Spy Museum). However, there's a few areas of notice that are worth mentioning in terms of food, entertainment, and shopping. For food, a number of favorites from Baltimore (i.e. Five Guys, Hooters) do have locations nearby. Also, I did check out the City Tap House by the Renaissance on Saturday last year, so you may to try that. Sadly, another restaurant that I went to last year, Fuddrucker's, closed down. So, I can't recommend that. As for other places to check out, you can check out the National Mint or head to Gallery Place and either bowl a round at Lucky Strike or check out a film at the Regal Cinemas.
  2. TnAdct1

    Otakon 2018 AMV Contest/Theater FAQ

    Definitely agree with the idea of sending in the the video early (or at least e-mailing Vic to ask for his opinions about a scene that could lead to a video being DQ'ed due to content). When it comes to my current plan for this year's AMV Contest (I'm not counting out the possibility of a change of plans, although said change would require a brilliant idea for a "general audiences" video popping up between now and the end of May), I was getting it ready for another major convention when I got the feeling that a certain scene in my video could result in it getting DQ'ed there (as well as other conventions). So, I sent a clip of the questionable scene to the head of that contest for his opinion. After the contest head informed me that the scene would have most likely led to my video being ineligible, I made the proper change to the video (with me going for a different direction in terms of what clip to use to accompany a particular line in the song), and managed to submit it to said contest without any additional problems from their end (rendering the video, though... ).
  3. TnAdct1

    Finding Member ID

    Have you tried checking to see if your past Otakon registrations are still available online via your email account?
  4. TnAdct1

    Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Since it hasn't been mentioned yet, I'm going to bring it up here. While at Katsucon, I did notice Otakon doing some at-con registration here. One of the big things that came out of this: cheaper badges will be offered this year. How it works is like this: outside of Sunday, Day Badges are not being offered. Rather, there's going to be three tiers of badges: The regular badge, which will be offered at regular price; The Saturday and Sunday badge, which will be $70; The Sunday only badge, which will be $40. This is likely going to be good news for those who only plan to attend on either Saturday or Sunday and don't want to pay the full price for just one day.
  5. TnAdct1

    Hate to ask again

    Early registration took place at Katsucon this year, with going online hopefully by the end of the month.
  6. TnAdct1

    Your first Otakon

    For me, I went with Azumanga Daioh (my anime club was introduced to the series after Otakon 2002, and it became a regular part of our schedule during 2003).
  7. TnAdct1

    Your first Otakon

    As my signature suggests, my first year was in 2001. I've heard about the con via an article in the Washington Post, and I attending the convention with an anime club that I was attending at the time. Since this was only my second anime convention period, I was still a newcomer here (i.e. calling it a night on Saturday after the Masquerade rather than checking out the Game Show or fan-parodies, not fully understanding the layout of the convention, fears of getting mugged while walking back to the hotel at night time). However, by the following years, I eventually got the hang of it.
  8. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    Kinda thinking that way too once I read her involvement in that show. If Funi is indeed the one that helped bring Park to Otakon, then they definitely outdid themselves this year with not only her, but also the English voices of Goku and Vegeta (now if only Otakon could have gotten the guests that Japan Expo has in store this year).
  9. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    By next week, do you mean this coming week or the week of 6/7-613?
  10. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    Checking the guests for other cons, it does look like Greg will be a Thursday-only thing (with him spending the weekend at AnimeIowa).
  11. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    Don't worry. Otakon's Japanese guests tend to have some variety (and not all of them are connected to the "main titles" that American anime companies are trying to promote at their cons). Thus, outside of possibly a voice actor, you don't have to worry too much about anymore Japanese guests being connected to Aldnoah
  12. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    It just isn't "waiting for Otakon" season without usual "Guess the Musical Act" contests.
  13. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    One thing's for sure: if she does appear at Otakon (and if said panel does return this year), she really needs to make a guest appearance during Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos. Speaking of Awesomely Bad Japanese Music Videos, who else would like to see Kishiden as a musical guest?
  14. TnAdct1

    Guest Request: 2015

    While LittleKuriboh and other Internet celebrities don't fall in Otakon's definition of "guest", they are still able to take part in the convention as "panelists" who run one during the con.