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  1. Hotels

    Of course, what also helped the Renaissance from staying up for more than the week is the fact that the current situation for it (i.e. the site only listing single-bedded rooms as available) deters those attendees with larger groups attending the con.
  2. Hotels

    When I booked the room at the Renaissance, I did request for a roll-away bed in case rooms with two beds were not available come the weekend of the con.
  3. Hotels

    Meanwhile, if we're stuck with one-bed rooms, can you at least ensure that there's plenty of roll-away beds for those rooms with two guests that aren't sharing a bed?
  4. Hotels

    I read about the "one bed option only" on Facebook as well. Trying to figure out the reason for this (not a problem for me, since I can get a roll away bed for my roommate, but I still would prefer two beds with me noting it in the requests). Given how the hotel web site does offer two-bed rooms for that weekend: my guess is the following: 1. The "two bed rooms" are not yet ready to go up on the site. 2. The "one bed" package also included rooms with two beds, with it being listed as "one bed" to deter larger groups.
  5. Hotels

    You guys aren't alone here. Even if Otakon's now closer to me than Anime USA (a con where I spend the day there and then head home at night), that doesn't mean I'm stopping my tradition of getting a hotel room for Otakon weekend.
  6. Hotels

    Personally, I consider the Renaissance to be the Holiday Inn of the DC hotels (as in it being the ideal hotel of choice for those with taller vehicles that can't get into parking garages).
  7. Number of attendees?

    Definitely have to agree here. With this only being the first year of the con in its new home, you can't really expect the Dealers Room to see its full potential in its first year..
  8. Otakon 2017 Cosplay Pictures

    My photos from this year's Otakon: Otakon 2017
  9. Hotels 2018?

    Another possibility: Otakon is happening during the busier months of the summer (i.e. when more people are on vacation), and as such, hotels are more expensive during this time to get more profit from the tourists visiting the DC area.
  10. Number of attendees?

    As someone who has attended Bronycon in the past, I definitely agree with that (heck, I've seen some Bronycon cosplayers turn up the following week at Otakon back when the con moved to Baltimore). To me, Bronycon is more of a con that I'd go on a Saturday, whereas Otakon is one where, even if I live very close to the DC area, I'd still book a hotel by the convention center and devote my weekend to it.
  11. Guest Request: 2015

    Kinda thinking that way too once I read her involvement in that show. If Funi is indeed the one that helped bring Park to Otakon, then they definitely outdid themselves this year with not only her, but also the English voices of Goku and Vegeta (now if only Otakon could have gotten the guests that Japan Expo has in store this year).
  12. Guest Request: 2015

    By next week, do you mean this coming week or the week of 6/7-613?
  13. Guest Request: 2015

    Checking the guests for other cons, it does look like Greg will be a Thursday-only thing (with him spending the weekend at AnimeIowa).
  14. Guest Request: 2015

    Don't worry. Otakon's Japanese guests tend to have some variety (and not all of them are connected to the "main titles" that American anime companies are trying to promote at their cons). Thus, outside of possibly a voice actor, you don't have to worry too much about anymore Japanese guests being connected to Aldnoah
  15. Guest Request: 2015

    It just isn't "waiting for Otakon" season without usual "Guess the Musical Act" contests.