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Hai! hello-ness... my name is Ayumi Akino! and i came into the world august 1st as a joy to mah parents yo. i looove anime! its all ive ever been about! its 99.9% of my universe! being a pro voice actor or manga-ka is a huge dream of mine. And i design my own gothic lolita dresses that everyone seems to die over. Im an easy friend to have around and i can make you laugh if we become friends! i love to meet new people, so im very open minded. Im generally willing to do something completely outrageous as long as i have someone do it with me! my fave Organization member is Zexion! yes! because he is very zexy! Fave Ouran High Member? Of course Honey-Sempai! he's just so adoreable with Usa-Chan and Mori! but i love how tamaki is just outrageous. so if you want to have a fun friend for the weekend or masqurade just msg me here or at mah email at the bottom! did i mention that i love to RAVEEEE!!!Alxmissanime@gmail.com

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