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  1. 162 days until I am in Japan. Catch y'all next year.

  2. Katsucon Count Down.  Kandi Chicken will be attending.

  3. I am building up a fleet of ship girls!
  4. I am a nekoleptic! I fall asleep in sunbeams and wake up at 3am to run around the house for no apparent reason.

  5. On the internet no one knows that I am a cat.

  6. Make a potato stamp and whomp that sucker in some white paint, then hippity-hop that potato all over the necktie! - Fadamor

  7. Too much ramen is just too much!

  8. Otakon is so close I can almost taste it... smell it?

  9. Things over heard at past Otakons "Has everyone remembered their deodorant?"

  10. I want to give everyone a kandi bracelet!

  11. We should do a photoshoot here!

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