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  1. LegendaryBroli

    Panel reimbursement question

    I was wondering the same thing because I have yet to get it myself
  2. LegendaryBroli

    Panel reimbursement question

    So I sent the w9 and the form back and I still haven’t received my check yet
  3. LegendaryBroli

    Who do I contact

    Hello I tried to fill out the form for presenter reimbursement and it said form no longer found so I was wondering who do I contact?
  4. LegendaryBroli

    Dealer room capped

    Can I say how can you a not have another entrance opened to the dealers room and cap when you know how many attendees are coming
  5. I was just wondering how far is the main entrance to the Marriott because I know the tunnel shouldn’t be open til the convention is already running?
  6. LegendaryBroli

    Marriot Marquis Being Used for Otakon Events?

    Pretty sure if you get your badges Thursday or mailed to you. Pretty sure in the past they used the main entrance when they first opened the con doors on the first day of Otakon in years past then you could use the other entrances as the con went on. But I’m not staff
  7. LegendaryBroli

    Rally thoughts and concerns

    So is the rally still happening because if the leader give up the offical request should we still be worried?
  8. LegendaryBroli

    Question regarding panel

    So I was wondering are panelists allowed in the programming Lounge all weekend or on only the day you’re doing your panel?
  9. LegendaryBroli

    The 2018 schedule thread

    That’s me. I’m doing it
  10. LegendaryBroli

    Has it been decided what (fan) panels will be included?

    Who’s doing that panel you ask? This guy here is doing that panel.
  11. LegendaryBroli

    Mailed Badges

    So should we get them before Thursday of the con because that’s when I’m going down
  12. LegendaryBroli

    When should the badges be mailed out?

    I was just wondering when the badges will be mailed out?
  13. LegendaryBroli

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    Thing is I’m betting police will be everywhere, I mean dc is pretty much a different ballgame then Charlottesville.
  14. LegendaryBroli

    Thoughts on proposed rally

    Now that my hysterics are out of the system, I’m still going to the con. And I get the worry from people. But here’s the thing I realized. A, dc is a lot bigger and have more police then Charlottesville. Dc also probably are already planning on every thing that could happen and probably are making plans. Otakon probably will probably work with the con to have security around the building and I’m probably betting so will the hotels. So am I wrong in saying as long as we don’t you know start crap, and everyone acts safe, everything probably will be ok?
  15. LegendaryBroli

    'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC

    So should I cancel my hotel because of this rally because if it happens I know my family won’t want me to come down to that area or is otakon going to reschedule? Because thinking about it I’m kinda worried about going now