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  1. LegendaryBroli

    Any English va dub guests

    I mean besides him
  2. LegendaryBroli

    Any English va dub guests

    So let me clarify a question I asked before. I was looking at the guests coming and I was wondering will there be any English dub voice actors coming to the con?
  3. LegendaryBroli

    Will there be any dub guests?

    So I saw some of the guest announcements this week and I was wondering if there will be any dub vas this year?
  4. So I renewed my membership on Wednesday and ShowClix still hasn’t updated my membership status. So I was wondering how long it takes for it to get updated?
  5. LegendaryBroli

    Special needs question

    So in the year before the last con when it was in Baltimore I got the ribbon to use the elevators for the convention, so I was wondering how would I go by getting access to the elevators for this convention this year?
  6. LegendaryBroli

    Hate to ask again

    I hate to ask again but we’re getting close to the end of February and I was just wondering when would registration be open?
  7. LegendaryBroli

    Your first Otakon

    I got into anime in 2000 scratch that 98 since Pokémon was my first anime and I was hooked on anime since then. As I got older my tastes evolved into series such as cowboy bebop, evangelion, hellsing and more. My first otakon was 2005 because of the otakon table at anime USA which I started to go three years prior, and I went to another con in the area can’t really think of the name. Anyways this will be my 12th con and I’m so excited.
  8. LegendaryBroli

    Registration question

    I was wondering when registration will open for otakon 2018?
  9. LegendaryBroli

    Otakon 2018 Guest Request

    Spike spencer Brina Palencia Tiffany Grant Steve blum Bryn Apprill Jeannie Tirado