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  1. Watching Samurai 7 (again...) and One Outs, mostly.
  2. You'll need to specify what time the DJ was on, and it would help to specify what kind of music they were playing. They rotate many DJs in each room, each night.
  3. All questions of this variety can be answered with one word: SLAYER. \m/
  4. Place I stayed: The Hyatt Regency Number of people in room: 2 Hotel Staff: Very responsive, catered to what few needs I had very quickly. Walk to the con center: 2-3 minutes from room The bad: No free internet, parking $27/day, no microwave in room, refrigerator already stocked with expensive incidentals that you have to call to have removed. The good: Rooms are nice, view is great, directly across the street from the convention center. There is a health club, restaurant/bar on the roof, indoor pool, plentiful staff that are very quick to help you with anything. The walls are t
  5. Oh wow - You must have *just* missed it, it was about that far into the set that I switched to dnb and that was the first dnb track that I played. :-(
  6. It may seem silly, but I seriously want to thank anyone that moved out of my way during one of my ''scuse me, 'scuse me, really important, I need to get through' powerwalks across the convention center. Like many other staff members, I was under a lot of stress at times running time-sensitive errands, and the people who did the little things like stepping to the right on the escalators really helped me out. I also want to thank the tireless dedication of certain staff members (you know who you are) that made sure other tirelessly dedicated staff members took breaks and ate meals. It's ver
  7. Hey guys - thank you so, so much for the kind words, I'm really happy that you enjoyed the set! It's especially nice to hear since this was my first time staffing/working the con so I was not prepared to perform after already working non-stop since Wednesday night, lol. This is seriously my favorite gig every year, I can't really express how overjoyed I am walking out of that room each time. I'll try to comment some more when I'm a little less tired. I was a little stupid last night and got carried away playing Shining Force EXA until 1am instead of getting a full night of sleep for the
  8. IMO the con itself is supposed to adhere to the mission, but there's nothing requiring every attendee to come dressed as an anime or video game character. Granted, I have more fun when I get several days to be away from being saturated in American culture, but that's just me.
  9. This pretty much sums up my method as well. This is a painful lesson if you love drinking and go out to bars often, lol.
  10. This is my pet peeve as well; There's a bold line between stupidity and laziness. I'll admit that I'm not the greatest practicioner of perfect grammar, but we live in the day and age of computers, and it's my belief that this transition into less effective, more convenient communication (in terms of tone and other non-visual, non-text aspects of language) requires a little more effort than most people give it. Yuo? Usually a typo, it happens. U? Die in a fire. Yoo? Stop reading 4chan, it's making you stupid.
  11. Not all staffing firms are that inflexible. these firms work with people who are in some form of transition so they're understanding. you can basically look at there policies and determine which ones are flexible or not. I too work and live in DC - there are numerous firms in the city. I worked with one a while back and enjoyed it very much....... and I also enjoyed the money I only suggested a staffing firm in the worst case senario. you should of course try and hold onto your job - even if management is giving you hell about taking off. but remember that enjoying yourself is important
  12. That is really hilarious. I wonder if other baltimore city companies/businesses experience the same thing. I agree...... Well, I say bump your job. no torturous retail/wage job is worth your happiness, especially if you're not doing anything else during the summer. I had a retail job last summer and my ex-manager gave me hell about taking off 3 days for otakon. I basically told her that this is something I've been planning since the beginning of the year and I am going......... I said this nicely of course. Manager wasn't happy but oh well. I quite after otakon cause that job w
  13. I typically come with my girlfriend, and another friend or two to meet up with several others while we're there. Typically find a new hotel party each evening and make a few new friends. :-)
  14. Food. I've eaten so much fast food in my life that I really need to start eating better instead of grabbing junk around the con. Some sort of handheld video game system. If I dig through my old boxes I may be able to dust off a gameboy with pokemon... which means I'm overdue for an upgrade. Music. Mandatory. A camera this year! I've never taken pics at Otakon before, not really sure why. Brand new socks. There's nothing in the world quite like them. Movies, for late night viewing. Sunglasses. Summer is bright.
  15. No sweat! -And I appreciate & respect the well thought-out response. I feel you on the black hole of flame wars on the net, too. I can definitely understand slipping into using over-encompassing terms, I do it as well sometimes.
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