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  1. Aaaaagh, it's monday already! I can't believe I spent half my day yesterday playing dirge of cerberus.
  2. When all else fails, try sidestep.com -- great, great travel site. Compiles results from expedia, priceline, individual airline sites (I think), etc. I use it whenever I travel for gigs, saves me a ton of time. :-)
  3. I agree with this. If Hope has me again in '08 I'm definitely considering playing a house set. I might make a mix of it sometime soon-ish during my winter downtime. If I do I'll post a mix up and see what you guys think.
  4. That's why I hate when people say the rave is the only thing to do after 10PM at the con. There's so much going on that so many don't seem to care about.. Not the only thing, but certainly the best thing!
  5. You hit the logistical side of the problem, it's a matter of finding a space that's close enough to the rave so that people will actually want to go to it, yet far enough away so that the sound won't carry into the room. It's also a setup issue; the only room that we have set up as a lounge-type area is the Ota-cafe, which is on the opposite end of the BCC and I have a feeling that most people aren't going to want to walk from one end of the BCC to the other to chill for a little bit. Rearranging a room is an option, but that'll take time and money (the BCC staff has to change out the
  6. The biggest problem I can foresee with a lounge is that it would likely need to be in close proximity of the other rooms. Given the lack of intensity of most downtempo/dubstep/ambient genres, there would be a high amount of sound pushing through the walls and disrupting the atmosphere -- it would be pretty difficult to relax and get away from the craziness of the rest of the party with BOOM BOOM BOOM vibrating the entire room. That being said, if there's a room towards the back of the hallway that's open the lounge idea could be feasible. Maybe get a smaller package for the main room soun
  7. That would kill me, I'm a night owl. Usually the only time I'm up at 5:45 is if I'm drinking, and am still up from the night before. Most mornings I milk sleeping until 7:30am, rush a shower and a quick breakfast, feed the cats, then run out the door by 8:15. <3 DC Metro <3
  8. I have to be up for corporate hell every morning at 7. I usually feel something like this: http://www.revok.com/film/gzilla28.jpg Admin note: Image tags removed. Please see image policy in board announcements for more.
  9. Something that might be really cool to try next year is a meet & greet with the DJs sometime before the dance Friday or Saturday afternoon after sound checks are done, before the first DJ goes on. It would be really cool to meet a lot of the con goers and people that are into the music, and people might appreciate being able to ask questions to some of the veteran DJs to find out their experience with the music & partying, favorite animes, or whatever else people come up with. Socializing is fun. :-)
  10. Right on. :-) Normalcy is such a bizarre thing, and completely defined by popularity. Look at popular dress styles from the 70s & 80s, the punk scene, the goth scene, etc... everyone is made fun of by someone else, IMO it's just how you handle it that dictates how much trouble you're going to run into. I'm not really sure where some of the surprise at the behavior of the bmore residents comes from; Experience suggests to me that if you're going to walk around city streets with unnaturally colored hair and big props, you're going to draw a lot of attention to yourself. I guess wh
  11. I think it's very odd for so many people within a subculture (or a sub-subculture if we're just talking about the people who dress up?) to have such hostile views against people with different views on normality while at the same time striving to have their lifestyle accepted by the the same masses. 'Idiots', 'losers', 'people who just don't get it'... seems like it's the same name-calling from both sides. It's better to be positive, IMO.
  12. Right of refusal is a wonderful thing. If any club, bar and lounge in Baltimore has the right to remove patrons at will, I would imagine Otakorp has every legal right to remove someone for any given reason.
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