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  1. I finally found a person who seems willing to do my customized costume of Klaymen from the Neverhood. I'm not sure what kind of things I should look for in the contract. The designer mentions a company name, but is there some kind of business certificate or such I can and should be asking for? He expects to have the costume finished in 6 months. I can wait 1 full year. Maybe a refund clause minus $50 or $100 that I could request my money back if the costume if not finished by then? I'm not sure about materials or what
  2. Canvas maker was in contact with me later on and canvases now obtained.
  3. I'm now also looking for a canvas graphic design maker (backup). I have a contact, but I'm not sure if that person will be able to get back to me anymore.
  4. Hi all.I'm looking for someone who can make a full body customized costume and/or a graphic t-shirt. I am near the Philly area. Any recommendations who I can reach out to ?Thank you.
  5. If there are any university anime clubs nearby or a good library you can network with, I would suggest that.
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