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  1. Oooh, progress pictures are a good idea... thanks, that helped a lot. <3 I did bring reference, but the judges didn't really look at it... but then they've probably seen my character about a billion times haha, so I'm not really surprised, I probably wouldn't have either. And I'll definitely do the note card thing, my biggest problem when I went in to be judged was that I suddenly blanked completely on what I wanted to say... and I'd been going over it for weeks! ): So definitely note cards haha. Thank you!
  2. I feel silly for asking this now, because I thought I knew, but what exactly were we judged on during the Hall Costume Contest? I had assumed it was just plain old craftsmanship, but during the awards I heard a lot about personality and being in character. I'm hoping to do better next year, so should I focus more on how I present myself, rather than just how I present my costume? Also, what do judges want to hear? I was afraid if I launched into too MUCH detail I'd run out of time, or risk wasting the judges' time, but in the end I don't think I said enough. Materials, methods, details, e
  3. Just so everyone knows, this photoshoot will be taking place Friday at 6:00 pm at the fountains. =)
  4. Yup, that'd be my MK thread. x3 I made that one before it occurred to me to check here too.
  5. How early Friday? I was thinking early afternoon, noon or two or something. Looks like there probably won't be much of a group at all, though I'll keep trying right up until the day before the con. xD
  6. Maybe we can organize one for Friday, instead of or perhaps in addition to the Saturday one (if there IS a Saturday one already planned)?
  7. Yeah, I've been lurking on the Cosplay.com boards but haven't seen anything yet. Oh, but I hope it's not on Saturday D: I'm in the Hall Costume Contest that day and my costume really isn't easy to just switch in and out of (too much hair/makeup/blah). Hopefully I can catch you guys on the other days, if the big gathering is on Saturday. =)
  8. Just wondering who else might be cosplaying from Mortal Kombat this year. I'll be Kitana on Friday and maybe Sunday, and would love to take some pictures with others. <3 I haven't seen anything about a gathering/photoshoot this year; anybody know if there's one planned, and I just haven't managed to find any posts about it here or on cosplay.com?
  9. I registered for the Hall Cosplay Contest early last week, and I haven't heard anything back yet. Is it normal to wait a week or two before having your registration confirmed, or should I be worried that I misspelled my email address or something? Lol. This will be my first contest, so I'm really excited about it, but getting nervous at the lack of response. So I just thought I should ask if I should just wait a while longer, or maybe contact someone to make sure. Thanks! =)
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