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  1. you finally did it~!!! after all those years of planning im SO FREAKIN GLAD you're bringing Romi Park to otakon~!!!!!! much appreciated and SUPER STOKED OMG \*0*/
  3. first off, Congradulations Otakon for getting Laura Bailey and her hubby Travis Willingham. These two are gems and i cannot wait to meet them again~!!! if its not too late to request guest, here are my top choices: English Voice Actors: 1. Eric Vale (he owns us for not coming along w/ the hetalia cast back in 2010) 2. John Burgmeier (he has neglected his fans for too long!!! DX) 3. Chris Carson 4. Chuck Huber 5. Kate Higgins 6. Michelle Ruff 7. Monical Rial 8. Caitlin Glass (i dont think these ppl have ever came to otakon...) Japanese Seiryuu: 1. Mamoru Miyano (light yagami
  4. "Babbit" your name alone makes me smile XD

    w00t Kodocha ;D

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