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  1. name: Joey

    Age: 25 (don't look it lol!)

    Cosplaying as: Miku hatsune (trying something different) Mikuo hatsune, and Lancer from fate stay night.(maybe)


    anime: almost anything

    manga:almost anything

    video games: almost anything

    voice acting, fandubbing, acting (I like acting like anime video game characters but I am an actor at the college I go to and I also work at the school's radio station).

    Music: almost anything mostly j-pop and rock

    Hobbies: listening to music, acting, fandubbing, playing a multitude of games and systems, dancing(even though i can't really LoL) playing visual novesls, hanging around with friends, voice acting and many other things.

    Extra: I love to act like characters from anime, manga and video games, last year I wasn't able to make it to the dances at otakon which was almost impossible it seemed like. I am a huge fan of vocaloid as you can see with me dressing as miku and I hope to find some more vocaloid fans and some more vocaloid stuff. I am always interested in meeting new people and always love talking to people. this year I am going to otakon with my twin brother and a friend of mine. but mostly we will be doing our own things so we really won't see each other. its always good to meet people and if you want to contact me send me an IM message on here or contact me through my e-mail. nice talking to everyone.

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