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  1. slept well...bout to get my haircut in the next hr....come back home...finish gettin a few things packed..headin to b-more for b-boy practice 2nite n staying at my friend's place then head to the bcc tomorrow slightly b4 noon.

  2. back in 2002, one of my boys called me on a sunday, and said, "yo, i just went to otakon yesterday *that's when they had the one day passes goin on* n it was vicious!!!". I asked him, "yo, what's otakon?" n he explained it to me, and i asked, "YOOOOO, why didn't u tell me about that???!!!". so i wuz like, ok...next year, we r going! so a group of us went...after that weekend, never turned back...i enjoyed myself time and time again. i can't wait til next friday ^_^.

  3. *get my money together

    *practice in gaming

    *practice my dancing for the dope dancers at the rave

    *get my outfits together

    *make sure i gotta ride to the area


    even tho, not a lot of my friends r going, i'm sure i'll have a good time, and be in good company ^_^

  4. i just simply get my badge on late thursday evening...doesn't take but a couple mins...def much better than waiting til friday morning. i learned my lesson at otakon 2004.....wuz outside in that hot b-more sun for a good 3+ hrs...not fun i tell u...i was afraid i was gonna turn out to be a raisin >_<

  5. thurs: get my badge late evening...check into the hotel..chill w/ the boys..go to bed b4 3 am...

    fri: haha, i learned my lesson the first couple of years, so i wake up somewhere around 11 am or noon..that way all the spots i wanna go to are open, and i have a decent amount of rest so i'm not laggin behind....

  6. the rave first and foremost....gotta dance and kill it in the circles...gaming comes second because you can always find good competition....3rd..just the atmosphere and realizing i can be complete nerd for 4 days :D...ahhhh yes.....4th...costumes - well, most of them, anyway..lmao. last but definitely not least, having tons and tons of fun w/ my ppl who i do not get to see often but we have a great time, and i realize the reason why i fell in love with the anime culture in the first place...

  7. ^^ i agree with goof the whole way. b-boys and music r like mosquitos to blood...we just attract to it...and u def cannot expect a true b-boy/b-girl to sit down when he/she hears music that makes the body want to move..we show each raver respect when they get down in the circle, because we want that same respect when we get down. anyways, peace and respect to all those that interpret the music and move.

  8. to be honest, i've never had a real budget for otakon..i would always go to the cheapest restaurants in the area, hotel situation wuz always about 80-115 bucks, and i don't really buy anything besides the occasional street fighter shirt, figure, or poster. i mainly go there to geek out, chill w/ my boys, watch some anime, game it up, and b-boy *break dance*. however, i may have to set up a 400-500 dollar budget. i def saw some nice stuff i would wanna buy in the dealers room, hahaha. :)

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